Student Culture: Student Town as a Microcosm of Adults’ Life


Peculiarities of the student town

Adolescents deciding on distant learning, deprive themselves of a significant part of their student life. Besides the struggle against the first difficulties, college life provides young people with plenty of opportunities for their personal development. They can attend extracurricular clubs, go in for sports, become volunteers or combine their work with studies. It does not mean that students are all in clover. They receive the first skill of planning their budget, living in community and building bridges to different people. Students’ town may be defined as a microcosm of adults’ life with its numerous problems and challenges.

Student town as well as student culture have got their peculiarities characteristic of various educational institutions. Finding oneself at a college campus, a person would feel its peculiar atmosphere and spirit of the student’s community. Though young people look careless, it is rather deceptive. Most of them manage to juggle work and studies and cover their personal expenses. Life in a students’ town hardens young people, preparing them for difficulties of adults’ life.

Advantages and disadvantages of student town

Campus life has got its advantages and disadvantages, having significant impact on the student’s personality. Deciding between the distant and traditional learning, a person should weigh all pros and cons of both modes, paying proper attention to peculiarities of life at student town as well.

  1. Spending much time in the student’s community, a person improves one’s communicative skills. On the other hand, roommates and fellow students may have negative impact on the student’s personality.
  2. Living in a student’s town, learners may share their notes and knowledge. At the same time, traditional parties may become a hindrance for devoting enough time to studies.
  3. Life in a college town provides plenty of opportunities for students’ self-realization.