Strong Marijuana or even just marijuana is enough to make the world in your head go crazy. Not just the Marijuana but having thought of a sticky one already puts a big smile on your face. However, it’s the potent strains that make all the difference. Strains of a sticky weed or bud contain all the magic ingredients to make your mind and body go high. Strains of cannabis contain 10 to 20 % THC. Anything above that percentage can be considered as strong and solid. However, if you are searching for some colossal level of getting high, here are some strains of sticky weeds that can help you to accomplish your dizzy dream:


Australian marijuana is the beast when it comes to the high rated potency buds. Generally, Australian marijuana strains contain 40% potency, and this large level of potency is nearly double the amount of potency any weed contains in the USA. The atmosphere of that continent suits the conditioning of growing such a high level of THC containing Cannabis.


 Invented 15 years ago, Pitbull Marijuana is basically a combination of 2 seed strains, sugar plum, and P91. This amazing combo of two seeds makes Pitbull marijuana go crazy with 36% Potency. This marijuana plant can grow up to 16 feet with great shiny crystals on it.


Creativity does not stop with pit bull marijuana; White Russian marijuana has taken the creativity and innovation to a whole another level. This Russian marijuana grow in the process of cross-strain where two plants are mixed and grown together as one. White widow and AK 47 are the two blends for White Russian marijuana. The THC level is around 24% in this beast.


Ice marijuana comes from one of the oldest marijuana generations. It has a great history of performing well. This strain is the hybrid version of many popular and reputed strains. The THC content is about 20% in this old strain.