Strainers Keep Things Running


Strainers are mechanical devices designed to filter out foreign particles from flowing water or other liquids and to prevent blockage and damage to liquid-cooled equipment, such as the cooling water intakes of marine engines as well as the pumps and compressors of industrial processes. As a strainer on a marine engine wears, it can be maintained using a groco strainer replacement part.

How Strainers Differ From Filters

The difference between strainers and filters are the size of the particles being removed: strainers are used when the particles to be removed are large enough to be visible; filters are used to remove particles that are too small to be seen with the naked eye.

Strainer Design and Use

According to, there are two basic types of strainers: Y strainers and basket strainers. There are also variations of each. Y strainers remove undesired solids from flowing liquids using a perforated or wire mesh straining element. They are used to protect regulators, steam traps, control valves, meters, and pumps. Y strainers can be installed vertically, if necessary.

Installed horizontally, basket strainers consist of a perforated or mesh lined basket. They are generally used in cases where a large amount of solid debris needs to be collected. Basket strainers can be installed in series when more effective filtering is required.

Duplex Strainers Prevent Shutdowns

A duplex strainer is a type of basket strainer used to prevent the flow of liquid from being stopped and consists of two separate basket housings and a valve. The valve is used to divert the flow of liquid to one of the strainers while the other is being cleaned. Self-cleaning duplex strainers are available.

Strainers are relatively simple tools that excel in preventing liquid-cooled equipment from getting clogged. Because of strainers, engines and industrial processes can operate without breaking down and without frequent interruption to clean out clogged equipment.