Specifications Apple iPhone 9 Plus


Apple changed the design a little package, is now on the cover shows no front and rear of the body. And the version of the iPhone in Black Onyx color gets a special, black box, differing from the other fellow lineup. Package consists of a Lightning cable, power supply, “clips” to extract SIM-card adapter with the Lightning on a 3.5 mm audio port and EarPods headset. Hard to say, troubled Apple issues of economy or ecology, but earlier headphones lying in a plastic box, and now it was replaced by a cardboard strip.

Appearance of the iPhone 9:

Probably no more recognizable smartphones than Apple iPhone 8 and 6 Plus is, their design even copy with an enviable constancy. And Apple did not bother too much about the appearance of their devices this year, offering the same thing, only slightly mutated: in particular, removed the antenna strip from the back surface. The camera lens all as issued over the surface, but the unit has become larger on it attentive fan brand immediately understand that this is a new, not the old iPhone. Usually, however, the user can wait for an unpleasant surprise when all the similarity of vehicles, covers the iPhone 8 Plus and 8s Plus the new iPhone 9 Plus does not fit, will have to buy a new one. On the right side taken out the power button, located underneath the tray for a single nano-SIM. On the left is the lever to activate the silent mode, just below – the volume buttons on the lower end of the opening speakers and Lightning port and the usual headphone jack removed.

How justified such a move, when not all morally and financially ready to listen to music without wires, buying new accessories? Apple sensitively captures trends and forcibly motivated to move to the “bright” side. Meanwhile, even before the iPhone 9 release, more than three hundred thousand people have signed a petition to preserve the connector, but their opinions are not heard. Protection against water and dust to IP67 rating means that the smartphone can withstand a half-hour stay in fresh water at a depth of one meter. After such a bath it will not break and will continue to work – at least in theory. On the Apple practice to best protect themselves and said that if when detect the penetration of moisture is removed from the device warranty. Strange for waterproof gadget, but on the other hand, what is to prevent irresponsible users to arrange with your smartphone dive deeper and longer than that, and then carry it to the service?