Some Useful Facts about PNR Number


PNR number implies Passenger Name Record. It is a unique number made of 10 digits and is generated by the Indian Railways for providing information to its ticket holders.


In the travel and airline industries, a PNR is a record associated with data in the Computer Reservation System (CRS), which contains the itinerary of passengers or a group travelling together. The PNR concept was launched by airlines which required exchanging information in the case where passengers needed to board multiple flights of different airlines to reach their destination.

PNR, in case of Indian Railways, is a unique identification number in the Railways database. The PNR contains comprehensive details of the journey of passengers such as:

  • Details of passenger (Name, age, sex)
  • Details of ticket (From, to, train number, date, boarding station, reservation up to, berth, class and quota).
  • Payment details/ transaction (payment mode, Transaction ID, ticket charge).

About The 10 Digits

  • First 3 digits: they provide information about the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) in which the ticket is booked. PRS is a complete networking solution for the passenger reservation system of the Railways.
  • The first digit indicates the Zone of the train referring to the starting station of the train.
  • Last 7 digits- these are randomly generated numbers using Rand () function. They have no connection to the journey or ticket.

PNR Status

PNR indicates details like booking status whether the ticket is Confirmed/ RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) or Waitlisted.

Confirmed status reveals that seat is ready and will be allotted after charting. In RAC, the passenger can travel but has to share a berth with a second person. Full berth is assured as and when confirmed seats are cancelled.

Waitlisted passengers are not allowed to board the train. Passengers can wait for getting RAC seats if any are available after filling up. Waitlisted tickets can be cancelled 30 minutes before the departure of the train.

How Does PNR Work?

CRIS (Center of Railways Information System) keeps up a database where all the information about passengers are fed and stored on a daily basis. This system generates a one of a kind PNR number of 10 digits whenever a traveler books a ticket, be it online or offline.

Checking PNR

Among the simplest ways to ascertain the status of PNR of tickets of railways is to log into websites featuring PNR status check, which are in abundance. Here you will be prompted to key in the PNR number and click on the button for “Get PNR Status.” Information will be generated by the system about PNR ticket that may include cancellation, modification or confirmation of booking.

One can also check PNR status through landline or cell phone. For the SMS mode, the passenger needs for texting: PNR (number of 10 digits) and send to any one of these numbers- 5676747, 57886, 54959 and 139. You can even contact a number 139, free of toll to ascertain details like time of departure and arrival of trains, fares, availability and accommodation.

For those using Android smartphones, you can ascertain the PNR status through downloading of the app.  Apps are available in plenty on PlayStore. Here again, the apps will require you to key in PNR number and by clicking on ‘check PNR’.

These are some aspects about PNR.