Small Bedroom Ideas, Design and Storage


Designing the best bedroom with adequate storage space is not as easy as it might seem to be. The idea is to achieve a roomy space with enough storage. This is even harder if you have a limited space to achieve the objective. In this article, we present the best ideas to help you achieve the best small bedroom design and spacious storage.

  1. Choose Light and Bright Colors

For a small bedroom, choosing light and bright colors is an expansive and practical idea. For instance, going it all white keeps the small space looking busy or boxed in. the lighter colors combat the absence of the large wall space or the windows brightening the space. Keep the small bedroom warmers and get rid of the void personality using layers of whites with different textures to add some dramatic feel.

  1. Push the Bed Against  a Corner

In the bedroom, your bed is the feature item. Thus, a good majority of people prefer centering the bed on the wall. However, with the small space, narrow the floor plans and the limited space by pushing the bed against one corner. This creates a sleeping area effect making the bedroom feel cozier. Although it might bring that feeling of college cubicles, it is the best way to feature the best hybrid bed creating a finished designer look in a small bedroom.

  1. Embrace Minimalism

In a small bedroom, you are space limited. Acting like a minimalist will save you more space for the most important items. It’s undeniable that the bed is the most important item in the bedroom. Thus, a perfect bed with a single mattress and probably a portable closet for your attire will be enough to keep in your bedroom.

  1. Use Mirrors to Create a Magnified Space

Use of mirrors helps to magnify a small space is becoming common today. Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger room. Positioning the mirror to reflect the natural light that comes through a large window will play the trick. Find a body length mirror and lean it up against the wall. To secure the mirror, you can go for a wall fixed mirror.

  1. Go for Under Bed Storage

Adding storage under the bed is a great idea. Consider a bed that comes with drawers underneath as a perfect storage solution for a small bedroom. In case space is limited such that the drawers cannot open easily, you can use the decorative bins or other creative solutions like milk crates or woven baskets.

  1. Add a Wallpaper

Just because you have a small bedroom, it does not mean that you have to keep it dull. Add a bold wallpaper pattern to the focal wall. This makes your bedroom appear attractive creating that cohesive look while coordinating the bedding with the beautiful wallpaper.

With the above small bedroom decorating ideas, you can achieve a perfect space that feels lively to stay in. checkout tips to go to sleep to ensure you are getting a restful night irrespective of how small the bedroom is.