Simple shower curtains ideas for a beautiful home decor


When it comes about home decor, the best recommendation would be not to think too much. You should try to keep things simple as possible. First thing you should understand well is that the choice of your shower curtains should be in accordance with your room, not the vice versa. Anyway, given below are some of the best ideas to get that beautiful appeal inside the home, despite keeping the curtain simple.

Have the shower curtains that accompany your wall color:

This is the first thing you should have it in mind while choosing your shower curtains. You can’t simply go with a curtain of any random color. If your wall tile is white, the first preference should be to go with a white curtain only. Well, you may go for the printed curtains, but make sure the base color is white only. This makes the room look appealing. Too many contrasting color offer an exaggerated appeal to the room.

Pick a simple curtain, so that you can modify it later:

Human preference is never constant. You may feel the necessity of modification on the same thing that you were in love with once. Similar is the case about home décor or home makeover as well. Hence it is advised to keep your shower curtains simple, so that you can add something in to it later. Moreover, the simpler curtains can fit with every look. The wisest option would be to go with the white curtains to meet well with any design later.

Little tweaks to turn your curtain enchanting:

You don’t need to go with too exaggerated shower curtains every time to make it look beautiful. It is also not necessarily a fact that every expensive curtain is beautiful. Rather, it would be a smarter idea to have a simple shower curtains and modify it with little tweaks and turn it catchy. For example, you may stitch some pendants with it, or you may add embroidery work at its border later.

The best part about such tweaks is that you can change any time you wish later. On the other hand, an excessively exaggerated curtain leaves you with no scope to try any modification. Once the trend of that particular style is gone, you have no option left but simply to change the entire curtain. Thus, to keep things under your control, it would be the best idea to keep it simple.

Give your curtain a personalized print:

This is another smart idea that can work during your home décor or renovation with simple shower curtains. All you need is to have shower curtains of white or any other light color. But make sure it is only uncolored without any print, as you have to print over it in a personalized way. This gives you scope to have a print in accordance with the appeal of your room, mood, design, or something like that. Moreover, you can change it anytime you wish.