Sculpture as an Extracurricular Activity of a Student


Many people studying in high schools and colleges prefer to choose sculpture as their extracurricular activity. In certain schools this subject is obligatory due to the fact that these people attend art schools and study special subjects to enrich their knowledge in art in the most correct way. Having decided to dedicate one’s time to sculpture, a person has to consider certain facts connected with it.

  1. Analyzing sculpture, a person has to be able to discern the country and style the monument under consideration belongs to. It can either be Europe, Asia and America.  African sculpture is pretty often concerned with Egypt and its traditional monuments.
  2. Dedicating one’s own time to studying sculpture, a person has to acquire deep knowledge on its most famous trends. They are Greek-Roman classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Mannerist, Baroque, Neo-classical, Modern Classicism, Modernism, Minimalism, Postminimalism, Post-modernism. Knowledge on this issue makes a person be able to create something himself/herself. Pretty often people lack certain things’ understanding which makes it tough for them to ‘make their way to the top’ when dealing with sculpture and its creation.
  3. Attending certain schools of art enables a person to communicate with other people occupied with sculpture’s making. It certainly helps this person learn many great things he/she knew nothing about before. Also communication is a great way for people to share news connected with sculpture and the world of monuments.
  4. Sculpture involves tremendous work and endurance. People possessing weak willpower are doomed to failure dealing with sculptures and monuments’ making. It means that a person should exercise hard in order to be able to cope with the requirements he/she is facing studying sculpture in certain school or oneself. Then it would be able for this person to succeed.