Saving Birds In The Hawaii Islands!


If you look at the world today, Hawaii is one of the most picturesque locations of the world. It is considered to be a paradise for tourists. However, this tourist destination has a sad story- its birds are on the verge of extinction. The reality is that Hawaii is known as the bird extinction capital of the world!

The birds in Hawaii are disappearing

Since the arrival of humans on the island around 95 of the 142 bird species have died. There are 33 of the remaining 44 species of endemic birds have been listed under the Endangered Species Act. There are 10 species that have not been seen in decades and are believed to be extinct. It is important for you to take steps to save Hawaiian birds as other species like the Maui Parrotbill, Iiwi and the Akikiki are facing similar extinction threats. The reasons being the loss of food and nesting areas for them to breed. To add to their woes there is also the direct predation of invasive species.

Illness and diseases are also a cause of extinction

There are some water borne diseases that have reduced the population of these birds on the island. Many birds here have fallen prey to diseases like pox, avian malaria and other infections that are spread by mosquitoes. This is alarming and precautions need to be taken along with beefing up the treatment of these birds.

There are some bird preservation groups who despite the sad news that most of them have given up on the island as being a lost cause, believe the remaining Hawaiian birds can be protected and saved with consistent and passionate efforts now. This is why they have joined hands with locals to save Hawaiian birds from extinction and help them breed in natural habitats that have been created by humans.

Efforts are made to construct protected sanctuaries with good fences so that birds here can come and breed safely. There are also sincere efforts to restore the natural habitat of these Hawaiian birds so that they effectively are able to reproduce and live normally. These habitats are protected against predators and they are secure. Besides the above, trees have been planted in a bid to make nesting of these birds increase. Gradually the number of birds are thriving thanks to the passionate and the sincere efforts of locals and bird preservation groups committed to save birds from extinction.

Over the past few decades, many changes have overtaken the world and some of them are so detrimental that they are affecting the natural fauna and flora of the Earth. Now, the birds are being affected and even in a natural beauty like Hawaii, they are disappearing never to be seen again. It is crucial for you to join hands and save Hawaiian birds from extinction. They do not deserve to die for lack of food and natural habitat. With consistent and sincere efforts at least the ones alive do have a rare chance to be saved!