Rug types in the market


Rugs are a vital accessory for every house. They provide warmth, help to bring a look together and make the room look neat and organised. Every room should have a different type of rug specific for the type of room.

There are many rugs so it might be confusing to choose one but read below and you will then be able to tell the difference between the various rug types. Some popular ones include kilim rugs, tufted rugs, embroidered and woven rugs.

The different types of rugs are:

The quality of a rug changes depending on the manufacturing process and the raw materials used. Every rug shop has a huge variety of rugs in stock so it’s important to know the different materials used like cotton, wool, acetate, nylon and rayon.

Tufted Rugs

These rugs are easily produced in bulk quantities and are often the most popular type of rug sold. The main material which is often man made is incorporated into a backing material which is then joined to another fabric for strength. This second fabric is often hessian as it’s a tough fabric.

Needle Felted Rugs

This rug type is extremely durable. Their densely packed fibres keep the rug together as they are attracted via electrostatic. This design is quite new as it has only been available recently. Since it’s quite strong and costs a lot more to manufacture, its often used in areas with lots of foot traffic rather than private properties or houses.

Knotted Rugs

These can be either man made or designed by machines. The thread that makes up the carpet, is pulled through the backing fabric. These stunning rugs are available in a wide range of sizes and colours.

Embroidered Rugs

This type of rug making is very old. Instead of using a loom, these stunning rugs are hand crafted into a linen or cotton backing fabric which is held together by a wooden frame. This was even popular with the royals back in the early days. The Victorian rugs feature stunning and realistic floral designs and other attractive designs. These rugs started to become mass produced when steel needles became popular. However even in today’s time, they are popular with talented craftsmen.

Woven Rugs

These gorgeous rugs are manufactured on a loom and because of this, they can be stocked with different hued yarns. The loom is the oldest method of making rugs and even to this day is used to create eye-catching designs. When done by hand looms, rugs can usually be expensive as they take longer to make compared to machines.

Hooked Rugs

This is particularly popular with people who enjoy knitting. This rug is made by hooking pieces of different material through a burlap sack to create a simple rug. These rugs while not as expensive as others are quite charming and interesting to look at, you could even use them as wall décor.

Thinking about getting a new rug for your house? Now that you know the different types, why not head out to your nearest rug superstore and get a few attractive pieces to enhance the beauty of your house. Your guests will be sure to be spellbound by the sheer beauty of the rug.