Role of Software License Management in an Organization


Since the use of technology is increasing day by day, the risks to technologies are also increasing every second. Sometimes, the risks occur because of the newly added software in the system. In many cases, companies offer the discounts on software purchases and organizations usually get attracted by great discounts that can be risky for their organization as the software might not have a license. Therefore, to reduce the risk of failure, cost and complexities related software licensing and software assets, there is a need to have a tool in the organization typically known as Software License Management tool that is used for protecting software from the software piracy.

Functions of Software License Management:

  1. To get a complete report of the software purchased and software installed to manage the software licenses of all software.
  2. To manage every type of software license such as OEM, trial, concurrent, individual, volume, enterprise, node locked, free, named user, and CAL licenses.
  3. To keep notifying if some license is about to expire or to support license agreements.
  4. To assign software licenses to all the software in the network and to relate the minor versions of the software.

While the role of Software License management is to provide the license to all the managed software in the network of an organization, the role of Asset Management is to manage the licenses assigned to all software in the network of an organization. Therefore, Software Asset Management is used for managing the license management of the software in the network.

Functions of Software Asset Management:

  1. Saving money: It helps to save a large amount of money by reallocating or removing the already used software licenses. With the help of asset management, damages that can be occurred because of non-compliance are detected in advance so that money to recover damages could be saved. Also useful for saving the cost associated with the management of software.
  1. Enhancing productivity: As the tool of Asset management offers the user manuals, product support and reference materials along with the tool, therefore it helps to make an employee more productive as it becomes easy for the employees to learn about the usage of the tool.
  1. Reducing chances of risks: Since this tool is helpful for managing the license compliance throughout the organization by keeping track of all software licenses, therefore the chances of occurring risks automatically get reduced.
  1. Provides secure environment: As it helps the organization from downloading or buying the software from any unauthorized websites, so the tool provides a secure environment to the organization.

So, this is how Software License Management is different from Asset Management. Software Asset Management is responsible for taking care of the software licenses of all software present in the network of an organization. So, if you are looking for such tools to keep your organization free from any kind of risks, then get these tools from Promisec that is one of the best security tool provider companies that offers a wide range of tools like Asset tracking software, Endpoint manager, application control tool and much more.