Precautionary Measures to Keep Perishable Food Items in Your Refrigerator Fresh for Long


Food is good, when consumed fresh but it is impossible to eat everything prepared, at once. In addition, the perishable food like fruits veggies, fresh meat, etc. need to be stored in the fridge. At room temperature food items get rotted due to bacterial growth and chemical changes. Low temperature dampens both the main causes responsible for food spoilage. Refrigerator is designed for keeping the temperature much lower than the room temperature, so food remains fresh for a long time.

Different parts within the fridge function at different temperatures. The old refrigerators upper shelves were slightly cooler than lower shelves. On the other hand, today the temperature in Whirlpool refrigerators are relatively even throughout.  Read the instruction booklet to find warmest and coolest zone inside your model.

Maximize refrigerators shelf life

Check if your Haier fridge is functioning correctly. Refrigerator thermometer can be used [available at some supermarkets]. The temperature needs to show below 5°C in refrigerators main section. Makes sure that the stored products are not jam packed. Good air circulation around every item is needed to keep food item fresh and avert food poisoning bacteria growth. Thus, your food wastage is reduced.

Grocery shopping precautions

  • If you plan to store food for a long time then buy best quality. Remember bargains may have low shelf life or of poor quality. In case, you buy bargains then use them as fast as you can.
  • Cured meat, dairy products, shellfish & fish, and prepared foods should be purchased form refrigerated display. Even if some items like dry, hard cheese and some salamis get stored in cool climate [without fridge], it is recommended to purchase refrigerated products.
  • Never buy chilled food packages that are swollen. Chilled juices, yoghurt, unprocessed cheese, and pastas contain nontoxic spoilage microorganisms, when packed. Swelling indicates that microbes are growing and producing gas. It means products had been stored at warm temperature for some time ending their shelf life.
  • Take insulated container, while you go shopping. Shop refrigerated items in the end. Never allow chilled food sitting in your car for long.
  • The moment you reach home, store them in the refrigerator correctly.

Tips to store food correctly

  • Dairy products like curd, milk and cheese need coldest place, so store them on top shelf below the freezer. Avoid storing them in the freezer or they will freeze.
  • Eggs last longer at constant temperature, so keep them at the back end, where temperature remains consistent. Avoid storing them in the fridge door because each time door opens temperature changes.
  • Meat is perishable, so keep them in the freezer. Freezer is coldest area. In addition, if meat packing leaks accidently, it will not contaminate other stored items.
  • Fruits and vegetables should be stored at the bottom because this is a humidity control zone, so greens can remain crisp and fresh.
  • Non-perishable cokes and sodas don’t get affected by changes in temperature, so keep them in door shelf. Even if there are maximum temperature changes, these can last longer.
  • Bakery items like cookies, cake, bread, etc. must not be stored in the fridge for long.
  • Hot items must never be put in the refrigerator. Allow them to cool and then store in the fridge.

Even with such precautions, you experience food spoilage then it is time to check quotes from many refrigeration brands on, a comparison website.