Port to a new prepaid SIM: Here’s how


Porting to Airtel prepaid is one of the simplest tasks, ever. We list the steps involved in porting to Airtel.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was introduced to Indian mobile phone subscribers a decade ago. MNP offered mobile phone users the opportunity to seek better services and value for their money by choosing another service provider if dissatisfied with the current one.

The earliest MNP was offered only to postpaid users. Today, you can port to a prepaid connection as well. Besides, the porting process is extremely simple today compared to what it used to be earlier. You only need to initiate it with your current service provider, wait for the connection to be terminated and start using the new prepaid SIM card offered by the new provider. There is some amount of paperwork and KYC verification involved in the process.

However, mobile service providers like Airtel have made the process completely hassle-free. Besides, your new Airtel SIM card is activated in no time.

This is what Airtel prepaid MNP is all about:

* Contact your current service provider to request the MNP process. At this stage, the existing provider will try to retain your services by offering you a better pack, or value-added features like free access to video streaming sites, or more data for the same price, etc. If you are still unconvinced about the services and offers, you can go ahead with the MNP to Airtel.

* Inform Airtel about taking a new prepaid pack with them via MNP. The Airtel prepaid MNP process is among the most hassle-free ones across all mobile service providers today. From start to finish, the porting process takes just a few days and the new prepaid SIM is activated on schedule.

* Once your current service provider initiates the process to Airtel prepaid MNP, you can inform Airtel about the same. Your current provider will start the connection closure process with you, outlining the termination clauses in its form. You must also settle all outstanding dues at this time so that the connection can be closed permanently.

* Please note that there are nominal fees for processing the MNP request. The new provider you are porting to will charge you for the pack and SIM card only.

* Meanwhile, Airtel fills out the application form with you and initiates the verification process, in which an Airtel representative will physically verify your residential address and other credentials. You are already given the new Airtel prepaid SIM prior to this step.

* Once the verification is complete, Airtel waits for your current provider to close down your connection and all services. The provider will send you a text alert mentioning that the connection is now deactivated.

* After this, Airtel will make your new prepaid connection live. You can start using the prepaid SIM thereafter. You are now an Airtel subscriber, and can recharge your pack on the Airtel website as well as the myAirtel smartphone app.