Points to Ponder Before Moving to Virginia


There are many good reasons to think about moving to Virginia. Over eight million people have happily made their homes there. However, before you start looking for land for sale in Suffolk VA, you should do some research first and decide whether Virginia is the right place for you to live.

Benefits of Living in Virginia

Living in Virginia can offer you some very specific benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Strong Economy

Virginia is home to headquarters of 23 companies on the Fortune 500 list. Unemployment is less than 4 percent. Four of the country’s 10 richest counties are located in Virginia. The best opportunities in the state can be found within the following sectors: entrepreneurship, military service, agriculture, and provision of services.

  1. Health Care and Education

For every 10,000 patients in Virginia, there are 130 doctors, which is an excellent ratio. Virginia’s educational system ranks among the best in the nation in terms of overall student performance and quality of education according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress.

  1. Seasonal Beauty

Unlike some of the other southern states, Virginia boasts distinct seasons. Hikers are rewarded with richly colored fall foliage during the autumn months.

Other Things to Consider

Despite the undeniable benefits of living in Virginia, for some, the potential drawbacks may outweigh them. The following are things that are helpful to know about living in Virginia. They are not entirely good or bad, but they may influence your decision one way or the other.

  • Cost of living is high.
  • Politically, Virginia is a swing state.
  • Traffic can be dense in urban areas.
  • The military presence is sizable.
  • The northern part of the state is in the orbit of the nation’s capital.
  • Virginia is a large state with widely varying culture.

Virginia is a beautiful state with a lot of history. However, only you can determine whether it is the right place in which to make your home.