Plan your Wedding in Ibiza


Ibiza is a beautiful island just off the coast of Spain with amazing natural beauty. This Spanish island is ideal for weddings. For couples who want to have a more special wedding, Ibiza is the destination for them for having a memorable wedding. It is very important for couples, however, to spend some quality time planning their wedding in Ibiza which is very well-known to the wide world as a top nightlife destination. Partying, clubbing, dancing and beaches are what comes to people’s minds when they think of Ibiza. However, this beautiful island has become a very hot destination for couples to host their weddings. Make sure you understand various aspects of organising a wedding in Ibiza. Here are some great tips on how to plan your wedding in Ibiza:

Choose a Reliable and Licensed Wedding Operator

It is very important that you choose a licensed and very reputable wedding operator to administer your wedding. There are many unlicensed operators in Ibiza. It is crucial for you to be buyer aware so that you do not choose a middleman. You can choose a Catholic church to hold the wedding. People with other faiths can hire a church for a day and hold the ceremony. Unless you have a very big budget, do not go to an organisation either. Consider the following:

· Never use middlemen wedding operators

· Check out with others using references to find out if the wedding operator is very trusted

· If you have small budget, do not go to an organization to administer your wedding

 Wedding Venues

One of the most important things to consider for you is to decide on a venue you would like to have your wedding in. You will have to spend a lot of cash if you want to have it under the stars at a privately owned villa. You should also remember that you may not play music outside after midnight. You should not, however, go for a cheap option either as you can get a good venue at affordable rates if you take some time to explore your options. You should consider the following:

· Check out the villa or venue by visiting it yourself before making a decision

· Majority of villas are booked two years in advance.

· Do your research to find the best option
Hairdressers and Makeup

It is always a good option to get a family member or friend to help with hair and makeup. Booking an independent operator for doing your hair and makeup will cost a lot. Besides, they can overbook as the demand for this job is extremely high. So they can just end up covering your wedding frantically.


Wedding is a wonderful event in a person’s life. Capture the happiest moments in your life in beautiful photos taken by a professional photographer. It is important for you to hire a professional photographer who is local because a local photographer will know the best places and beautiful locations to visit and take stunning shots.

The Wedding Cake

Make sure to choose a person who specialises in making wedding cakes, and who is aware of the local hot weather because the weather in Ibiza is too hot. You cannot have fresh cream cakes as the cream spoils in Ibiza. Wedding cakes cannot stand the hot weather, especially in outdoor villas. So, it is important to understand that the cake is refrigerated and only be displayed and served and then be back into the refrigerator during the programme.

The Wedding Reception

If you want to save some money, then the restaurant is the best place to book for having the wedding reception. You should not tell that you are booking the restaurant for a wedding. Say you are booking it for a birthday or anniversary celebration. The best restaurants with sea views are usually booked out a year or so in advance. You may choose to book out a whole restaurant or just book some tables and other facilities depending on the size of the restaurant, your wedding party, and budget.

If you choose your own villa, or book a villa, almost 80% of the villa weddings will hire outside caterers. Depending on other factors it can be a good or bad experience. There are some catering companies that will charge you just simply too much on average wedding food. So, choose the caterer carefully. Always ensure that the caterer you choose or want to hire has a proper license before booking them. It is a good idea to approach a private restaurant and ask for providing you with private catering service.