Perks of eating in the multi-branch food restaurants


Good meals can make a trip. However, finding the right restaurant while abroad can be quite difficult. You will have to think about value but also think about the quality of food served. If you walk into a dingy place, you have no way of knowing it is so since you are new. If you choose to eat at a multi-brand food restaurant, you stand to reap some great benefits. We will discuss a few of them here.

  1. You will Get to Avoid a Tourist Trap

When you eat at a branded restaurant such as the red rooster, you are assured it is not a tourist trap. All the food they serve at such a placed is standardized. Besides that, the food they serve is usually at a standard price. Since you are in a new country, you may not have any way of knowing what is fair and what is not. However, at a multi-brand restaurant, you can avoid being in a tourist trap.

Another way to tell for sure that you are in a tourist trap is if the menu is in English. It is especially so if you find that those at the restaurant cannot even speak the language. They are just using the menu as a way to get you for all you have.

You can also tell you are at a tourist trap if the restaurant is in a tourist area. That means most of the people you see around you will also be tourists. These people will be dressed in classic tourist regalia such as carrying fanny packs with them. They will also be taking pictures with their cameras. If you find yourself in such an area and you walk into a restaurant with no branding, you are most likely in a tourist trap.

A big sign menu outside the restaurant is a good sign you are in a tourist trap. Besides that, if you find food in large glass displays on the restaurant window it is a trap. Such gimmicks are designed to attract tourists without really offering them anything of value. However, if you find a small menu written in fine print, it may not be a trap.

If you find that, everyone else at the restaurant is also a tourist; it is a good sign you are in a tourist trap. A good restaurant should also attract the locals. However, only tourist traps will only attract tourists. Take care and walk away from such a trap.

Additionally, if the place was recommended to you by a website or hotel, it may be a tourist trap. Naturally, the site or hotel will assume that you would be comfortable in such a setting. Take care and avoid going to such traps, set up to capture unwitting tourists.

  1. The Food Will be Competitively Priced

When you walk into a multi-branded restaurant, all the food you find there will likely be a standard price. While the owner of a single franchise might try to mark up the price because they are in a certain prime area, that will not work in this setting. Otherwise, they will not be able to make sales; solely based on the fact their food is too expensive.

For instance, you can expect a full chicken to cost just about the same in all the brands located at the restaurant. You will thus be able to tell that you are not being gauged just because you are new to that area.

  1. You Can Expect High-Quality Food

For instance, you should expect that all the meals served in such a restaurant will be warm and prepared to the highest standards. When a restaurant owner is the only one that runs an eatery in a certain location, they may not work hard to make sure food meets the highest standards. As a result, they will just barely meet the expected standards. However, in a multi-branded restaurant, everyone is trying to outdo each other. The result is that you can expect to get the highest quality of food possible from such an establishment.

  1. You Will Get Hygienic Food

When there are multiple brands in one location, none of them will want to make the mistake of serving customers food that could cause problems later. They do not want to harm their reputation in any way due to the high level of competition between the different brands. To this end, they ensure that all staff is working for them to achieve the highest possible standards. This is great for customers who are wary about their health, especially when they travel.

  1. They Can Expect to Find Familiar Meals

One major problem that most travellers face is eating meals they do not know. These meals could cause a dangerous allergic reaction, which could be detrimental to their health. When that happens, you may have to cut short your trip in order to get medical attention. However, when you eat from a multi-brand restaurant, you are assured of finding familiar meals. Since most franchises source from one or two suppliers globally, you are assured of familiar meals at all times.

  1. You are Guaranteed of Fresh Meals

If you walk into a multi-brand restaurant, you know you will find fresh meals. The reason for this is that they always have many customers. Thus, they do not need to keep food in stock for so long that it goes bad. If you are in unfamiliar place and you want to eat a fresh meal that will not cause you problems, these brands are the best choice.


If you are a traveller to a foreign place, familiarity is always nice. One way of achieving this familiarity is by visiting multi-brand restaurants. For all the reasons mentioned above, they should be your first choice. Another reason to consider going into these places is that you are always assured of finding your favorite food. Unbranded restaurants may advertise something but run out of stock. That extra bit of assurance you get from such restaurants is worth the effort it takes to find them.