Osteoarthritis and its treatment with Stem cells Bone cells and the Bones


Osteocytes are the bone cells that required for the formation of bones. Bones provides a skeletal covering of the body. It also gives an overall conformation and a structural organization of the body. This structural conformity is very much necessary for a human body to stand off. It also provides a protective covering along with providing a proper shape to the body. Human body is fully composed of different organs and organelles. Starting from the Brain, Heart, two pair of lungs, kidney, diaphragm, liver etc. are present in the body. These organs have a lot of function to play. Any injury to these organs can be very much life threatening. These organs are under the well protection of the bones. The bones are arranged in the form of the skeletal arrangement to keep any type of shock out of the reach. Along with the bones the muscle system also does a protective covering. There are about 206 bones present in the body. The bones are the muscles are connected to each other with the help of tendons and the ligaments. Each and every bones exhibit singularity in their function and also has a specific name behind it in accordance to their location and also the function.

The potency of the stem cells

Stem cells are the cells that has the infinite amount of the regeneration power and also can regenerate into different types of cell types. This property of the stem cells makes them very much exclusive and also very much important. It is seen by the researchers that the stem cells can be used in medical therapy also and this is the reason why the stem cells are being used as a hot topic for the research and development. To know how a single cell that can give life to a whole multi-cellular organism is a part of the research that is still under account. Different types of stem cells are present in the human body. The most efficient among all the umbilical cord and the bone marrow. Bone marrow stem cells can differentiate into blood cells that is the RBC and the WBC and also to the osteocytes. However osteocytes are not formed in a small time interval. The bone marrow stem cells after culturing over a given period of time and also after adding different types of other reagent osteoclast cells are formed, which on further sub culturing we can get the osteoblast stem cells.


Osteoarthritis is a very common problem that is happening nowadays. It mainly affect the old age population. The main reason for it is the inefficient production of the cells that results in the weakening of the bones and the joints of the body. Hence the body becomes very much weak also. It also invites and collaborates with other diseases involving the neural system.

Adding stem cells in the medication procedure

Osteocytes stem cells if cultures well and infused properly surgically to a particular patient. It will readily start the production of the new osteocyte cells resulting in the rejuvenated bone cells and also stronger bones.

Usage in India

Osteoarthritis stem cell research in India is not popular that much, firstly because of uncertainties about the stem cell research and also due to its high cost. However with time, it will be used very much.