Organic Click through Rate Hacks to Improve Your SEO


Search engine reputation has many different components with it. One of them being how well people are interacting with the content that is out there about you. One question that has emerged is if organic CTR impacts your page rank on Google. This topic has been through a lot of speculation throughout the past few years.

First let’s look at the reason why people are asking this question. It is known that people usually get lost in the details, Google patents and other theories people may have. Obviously Google is super secretive as to what their secrets are about the algorithm and what works. It is possible to measure the CTR on your sites. There actually does exist a relationship between Google CTR and rankings. To some people, they don’t think there is a direct relationship but an indirect one. If you have been in the SEO game for awhile, you might know that there are some things which directly effect rankings like getting a link back from a high authority site.

Then there are some other things that do not have a direct impact but still have an influence like for example an influencer tweeted about a company and now they are getting more visits because of it. But there is the problem where the credit goes to the last interaction even though there are many ways to convert such as social, PPC, email, affiliate, just to name a few.

That being said, the same can be said with ranking since many components influence it.  Even though CTR might be considered an indirect method, it still has an influence on rank. Google’s new upgrade includes machine learning so in a way if people are engaging with a certain site on a given keyword, there is a clear connection with CTR and ranking. An ex-Google employee even commented on this topic by stating that a search engine should utilize data on CTR on their own results to feed back into ranking in order to enhance the quality of the search results.

The factor that matters most is if people are clicking on your site in Google’s SERP and engaging with the content on your page(s). Even though you rank high under a certain keyword in the organic SERP, you still need people to click and engage.