New Takes on Timeless Christmas Gifts


Jewellery and wine. Besides chocolate, aren’t these the most common Christmas gifts? A lovely bottle of wine for your the host or the in-laws always goes down well, and jewellery for your partner makes for a thoughtful seasonal present… but this year you can do better. This year you can really make everyone happy with great gifts that no one was expecting.

Discover 2 new takes on these traditional Christmas gifts below. This year make sure your gifts standout!

Wine Storage

If you don’t buy them a bottle of wine, you can bet someone else will! That’s why stylish wine storage solutions will really make you the favourite relative this year. There are many different wine rack options, from wall hanging racks to elegant wire displays.

When choosing a wine rack as a gift, first you need to find out what sort of interior décor the person has. By doing this, you can choose a wine rack that they’ll be proud to have on show. Find out if they like old, dark and rustic or light and modern furnishings. Also think about how much space they have available.

For dark interiors, try a dark wood standing rack that they can place in the corner of the dining room. If they’re short on space, why not go for a small, square rack that holds several bottles and can be placed on the kitchen countertop? These will make thoughtful gifts that are used time and time again.

If you want to be really extravagant, why not by them a barrel storage unit or table that will really compliment their patio space.

The best place to find all the wine racks mentioned and more is! We’ve compared many places but when it comes to wine paraphernalia, Wine and Barrels is the place to go. Head over there to find gifts suitable for all budgets.

Unique Jewellery

Pandora is so common now; every woman already has a bracelet full of charms they never wear… that’s why we’re raving about Pilgrim this year. Pilgrim are an upcoming fashion brand that have a selection of dreamy jewellery pieces that they update to match each season. They’ve currently got their Autumn selection on their website, full of rose golds and statement pieces, and we just can’t wait for their Winter line!

For your partner, take a look at the bold statement necklaces and glamourous rings. There are gold, silver, rose gold and other shimmering colours available. We particularly like the diamante encrusted pendants!

If you need to find a gift for your daughter, niece or other young woman this Christmas, check out Pilgrim’s earrings: from hoops to studs, you can find all kinds to suit all styles. If they don’t have their ears pierced, don’t worry! Consider the everlasting bracelets that look super elegant and can find all wrist sizes.

Find the perfect Pilgrim jewellery gift at and have all your Christmas gifts sorted months in advance.