Must pack fashion accessories for your beach trip


For those that love summer, going to the beach can be one of the most fun activities. With opportunities to swim, play sports, read, or soak up the sun, the beach is a non-stop blast. Make your beach style stand out this season with eye catching and tasteful accessories that are sure to stun in the sun. Maybe you already protect your eyes with sweet sunglasses, pick the cutest swimsuit, and grab a functional but fashionable beach bag, but there are so many more ways that you can accessorize your beach experience. Whether you want to splash through the waves, build sandcastles, or simple bask in the warmth, these fashion accessories are perfect for ensuring a day that is both exciting and stylish. 

Beach Backpack

Not so much a person? No need to fret, because a beach backpack could be just what you need. Backpacks aren’t just for kids at school anymore! They are a fashionable accessory and can be perfect for the beach due to their protective flap and spacious inside. A sleek, leather backpack will make you the coolest person on the beach! If you’re going to be walking around a lot or carrying many items in your bag, a sturdy polyester blend can do the trick as well. Backpacks are generally inexpensive, so buy one to match each swimsuit!

Designer Bags

Ordering a stylish tote from a place that specializes in beaches gives you a roomy but fashionable way to pack all of your beach essentials. Whether you’re looking for a neutral black, brown, or beige bag, or a cheery bright hue, one of these large totes is sure to fit your towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, and much more. The bright colored shades range from red to deep sea blue and every bag offers a beautiful leather shine. 


Many would think that the beach and jewelry do not belong together, and to some extent, this could be true. If you’re planning on being very active on the beach and doing activities such as running, playing volleyball or football, or going out in the water, you probably shouldn’t wear jewelry so that you don’t run the risk of losing it. However, if your beach day plans consist of sunbathing, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t rock some bling on the beach. Particular favorites include nautical inspired jewelry, such as rope bracelets and navy blue elements. Fun, seashell earrings can work as a conversation piece, and textured gold rings and necklaces and a touch of elegance to your beach ensemble. 


No trip to the beach would be complete without sunglasses! Not only will they keep you looking chic, but they protect your eyes and the delicate skin around them from the harsh UV rays of sun. Sunglasses can also be very inexpensive, so feel free to mix and match and buy a few pairs. That way, you’ll have a pair of sunglasses for every swimsuit or cover-up. Whether you love the rose gold trend that’s currently taken over or prefer a classic cat eye lens look, stocking up on sunglasses is a surefire way to make your beach outfit red hot! 


Another great way to protect your skin at the beach is to invest in an umbrella. While it is no substitute for sunscreen, an umbrella adds a new level of cool to your outfit while adding an extra level of protection from the sun. Nautical themed umbrellas can be extra fun, but since they’re so versatile, you can find beach umbrellas in a wide variety of colors, ranging from subdued to neon. It’s all about what suits your personality and style! 


You can’t have a blast on the beach without a cute suit! The best part about swimsuits is how many options you have: you can rock a one piece, bikini, tankini, or anything in between. From fun tropical styles to classy, solid colors, suit up in what makes you feel great! Some trends this year include the plunging one piece and army green shades with cool mesh details. One aspect to keep in mind when buying a suit is considering the type of activities that you’ll be doing on the beach. If you’re going to mostly be sunbathing, a flirty, ruffled bikini could be fun, but if you’re going to be active, a daring one-piece will ensure that you look fantastic and can be extremely mobile at the same time. Mix and match to find your perfect fit. 

Cover ups

Cover ups are both practical and adorable, because they are perfect for throwing on over your bathing suit when you go indoors and you can find them in many different trends and styles. White lace is a big look this season, along with sheer black material. Cover ups can be as sexy or conservative as you like and are great for days when you want to go to the beach but the sky is a little overcast. Skip the oversized T-shirt and bring your beach look to the next level with a gorgeous cover up. 


This one is a bit unorthodox, because you don’t usually think of sunscreen as an accessory. However, no trip to the beach would be complete without it. The sun can cause permanent damage and painful burns, which makes sunblock one of your most important accessories. Protect your beautiful skin so that you can enjoy the beach to its full potential!

No matter what your style is, when you add a couple accessories to your beach attire, you’re sure to wow. So, suit up, pack a beach bag, and add a bit of bling. You’ll be outshining the sun!