Modern Senior Rehabilitation at its Best


Rehabilitation Helps Seniors Regain Mobility

Senior rehab in Marietta Georgia is dedicated to helping seniors improve their strength and to regain their mobility to live the life of freedom they desire. State of the art technology and modern facilities are used by licensed therapists to implement the best methods for recovery. Seniors are in good hands in this large historical city when they receive short or long term rehabilitation services.

Compassionate Therapists Are Understanding And Knowledgeable

Dedicated professionals help to design a customized treatment plan that will engage seniors during their rehabilitative therapy. These sessions are provided in inpatient and outpatient sessions for as long as it takes for optimal recovery. Seniors must be referred by a doctor for admission into a rehabilitative program.

Senior Friendly Equipment Is Used For Senior Rehabilitation

You might be surprised that therapeutic equipment can include gaming systems like the Xbox and Wii to provide interactive and enjoyable rehabilitative sessions. Adaptative devices used during treatment is designed to aid seniors who have cognitive and physical difficulties. The iPad is used to help with motor skills, speech improvement, and visual difficulties.

Senior Concerns About Entering Rehabilitative Therapy

Seniors may be intimidated by the thought of rehabilitation before they begin. They may be:

  • worried about the pain
  • worried therapy won’t work
  • worried they can’t afford treatment
  • worried they won’t know how to do exercises

To help with these normal concerns it helps to understand what the types of therapy are and what they are designed to do.

Senior Participaction In Common Rehabilitative Programs

Senior rehab in Marietta Georgia offers many standard therapy sessions to seniors who are experiencing impairment of their senses or bodily functions. Seniors can be assured that many people participate in these programs and feel better as the sessions continue. Rehabilitative programs include:

  • Music therapy
  • Water therapy
  • After stroke care
  • Neurologic rehabilitation
  • Pain therapy

Costs For In-Patient And Outpatient Senior Rehabilitative Services

Costs will vary by the facility providing senior services. The reputable A.G. Rhodes Health & Rehab facility charges the following:

  • Private room- $260 for each day
  • Semi-private room- $230 for each day

The request for add-on services will cost extra in addition to the room rates. Many quality services are included in the standard rates. They include:

  • Meals and snacks
  • Wireless internet
  • Laundry
  • Spiritual care
  • Nursing care

Add-on services may include:

  • Beauty and barber services
  • Telephone access
  • Cable/Satellite television service

The cost for outpatient rehabilitative services will depend on the tailored program that’s required to help seniors feel better.

How To Pay For Senior Rehabilitative Services

The cost of senior rehabilitation is the main concern for many who require care from a licensed therapist. Insurance coverage depends on a patient’s therapeutic needs. Common sources of payment include:

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private insurance
  • Reverse mortgage
  • Private savings
  • Annuities

Be sure to inquire with the service provider concerning the costs involved for each service that’s provided. Ensure that each service is a necessity for a senior’s well-being so you don’t pay extra amounts.