Military History and Science as Parts of Scientific Career


Military history science is introduced to various high schools and universities. A person may learn a lot studying them on a high school or college level. Being covered, many topics of the military history science can be used in various fields including JROTC, Marine Corps, SWAT, US Navy Seals and others. A person, knowledgeable in military science, can defend himself/herself and one’s own country.

Having studied most of the topics connected with military studies, a person can learn the following facts about it:

  1. Weapons/firearms’ usage. A person is to understand completely that cold weapons and firearms are used for different purposes. Certain people misinterpret their usage which leads to great problems. For example, a simple rifle is generally used for hunting. Guns and police rifles are used only for defense purposes. Submachine gun is generally used for weapon tactics and combats. Unfortunately there is also a so-called Uzi machine gun which serves mainly for killing civilians and non-military people.
  2. Tactics of battles fighting. Studying in JROTC, people pretty often are told that some day they are going to be fighting their opponents. High school students get dissatisfied pretty often due to the fact of coping with ‘inactive studying.’ They do not understand the basic concept of danger they are going to be involved in. A battle presupposes great experience. Without it a person may fail to win the battle he/she is involved in. A battle is not a game. A person has to fully understand it, going as a combatant abroad.
  3. Many countries’ attitude. There are certain dangerous places where an inexperienced person should not go. Visiting these places implies great danger. It means that the person should be ready for it and fully aware of the things expecting on him/her.