Marine growth prevention system in Singapore


Ships while yachting use seawater for variety of purposes. In the course of sailing, the seawater keeps the ship engine and all the parts cool and after the operation, used seawater  discharge back into the sea. Nevertheless, seawater carry diverse marine organisms that invade into the ship and flourish the parts of the ship system. In spite of its benefits, the disadvantages of this is-  the seawater holds both micro and macro marine organisms such as (algae, hard shells, molluscs, sea worm etc) which affects the parts of the ship. The marine organisms reduces the efficiency of ship’s engine and in many severe cases it chok the whole engine system of the ship that in the end lead to malfunction of the ship system.

Effects of marine growth and fouling

While the macro and micro marine organisms grow they narrow and choke the passages of cooling water in the engine system which results following factors-

  • Impairing the heat transfer system.
  • Overheating of several water-cooled machineries
  • Reduce the efficiency of engine that can lead to malfunctioning.
  • Increase the rate of corrosion and thinning of pipes.

Marine growth prevention system-

The marine growth prevention system (MGPS) was introduced with the resolution of defeating marine growth from its root. MGPS is used to avoid the development of marine growth.

How marine growth prevention system works-

Here is the working of marine growth prevention systems as follows-

Electrolysis is the basic principle of marine growth prevention system. The procedure entails the usage of aluminium, copper and ferrous anodes. The ferrous anodes are fastened in sets in the main sea chest or in that place from where marine organisms are in the direction of water flow. The MGPS system comprises of a control unit that supply current to monitor and ferrous anodes. During the operation, the copper anodes produce ions, that are carried away through water into the machinery and piping system. Copper concentration is less than two parts each billion, however it is enough for the prevention of marine life from settling.

The ions produced by anodes outspread above the system and it produces an anti anti corrosive and anti fouling film over the intercooler, valves, heat exchangers, sea water pipelines, ac units, refrigeration systems and box coolers internally. The process increase the circulation of seawater and remove corrosion from the pipelines by increasing duration and efficiency.

The antifouling system is also manufactured for our clients with some effective features that are as follows-

  • Touch screen controller
  • It can be easily and simply installed to any kind of buildings and retrofitting ships as well.
  • It is a very appropriate operator and sophisticated controller.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Alarm system and data communication can be connected to yachts AMS.
  • Low maintenance cost

Generally, the ship riders face number of marine growth problems while sailing so the cathelco systems in Singapore are designed with very effective features for convenience.