Latest churidar Material


We all love new fashion and wants to wear new and trendy outfits every time and in every function that we attend .This characteristic mainly found in young girls and young ladies who are very fashion conscious and always love to wear stylish outfits .To fulfill the requirements of such customers, our fashion designers of Pakistan are working very hard to attract and thus to retain their customer base and market share in the fashion industry .

  • Latest churidar material for parties:

Pakistani ladies dresses are always designed according to the demanding fashion in the industry  and latest trend .Similarly, now-a-days, latest churidar material is very much in fashion and the youngster females love to wear it .By wearing such latest design like this, you can look gorgeous, stylish and can make your personality pleasant .As women are more possessive about their styling and costumes therefore, they take more time to select a single dress for their upcoming function .And our designers understand the nature of their female customers thus they design the outfits which can make them happy .

  • Variety of churidar dresses for ladies:

There are many variety of churidar dresses that ladies can wear on different types of functions .Some of the latest churidar dresses are shown below:

  • Churidar with Anarkali frock:

It is the very famous and trendy dress of the ladies and this dress remains in fashion every time .This dress is usually common among young females of colleges and universities .This dress can also be used as party wear as well as such a type of fancy churidar frock can also be used in wedding ceremonies .

  • Churidar with long shirt:

This type of dress usually consists of an air line shirt or simple long shirt with churidar .This dress is very unique in the way that it fits on every type of occasion whenever you want to wear .

This style of dress can also be used as casual wear as well as party wears .

  • If you use this dress as casual wear then the dress must be simple, elegant having light embroidery on it and must have the fabric of light shefon or georgette .
  • On the other hand , this style and design of dress can also be used as party wears .And when you use this dress as a party wear then it must be kept in mind that the dress should be fancy, having fancy boutique embroidery on it or some sort of fancy motifs can also be applied on it . The fabric must be velvet, fine quality gorget or shefon and silk etc .
  • Churidar dresses for kids:

Small girls also have interest in wearing new dresses and looks pretty .Churidar dresses for kids looks very elegant if the kid is interested in wearing some unique stuff .The dress for kids also includes a nicely colored frock, a small dupatta or stroll and of course a churidar with matching sandals .