Keeping Up with Fashion When You Are Expecting


A Brief History of Mom-to-Be Fashion

Chances are, the maternity clothes you are seeing today are nothing like the choices your mother and grandmothers had just a generation or two ago. For centuries, maternity wear has been on fashion’s back burner but now you can have the glow of pregnancy and the glow of fashion side by side.

Starting in the late 1990s, maternity clothes became a fashion statement of their own. Media interest in celebrities sent the paparazzi in search of celebrity baby bumps and so in a period of five years between 1998 and 2003, the maternity clothes market grew by 10 percent. Both high end and middle market fashion lines came out with their maternity jeans, plunging V-necks, and chic gowns unlike any the maternity fashion world had ever seen before.

The world of maternity fashion is ever-evolving, but that just means that there are even more choices for you as you are expecting. There are even maternity clothes that help you look smooth beneath your growing belly, with special slimming tights, bras, and body shapers. So here’s a look at the latest and greatest options as you are keeping up with fashion while expecting.

Maternity Jeans

Nothing says comfort and casual like a well-loved pair of jeans. Still, every pregnant woman knows how difficult that can be with a pregnant tummy. Jeans also suffer from a mixed stigma in the pregnancy world. Many fashion designers, when they do design for maternity wear, tend to choose colors, styles, and designs that would look better on a fashion magazine cover than on the couch watching TV.

With the new and existing choices for maternity jeans by top fashion names and beloved maternity clothes designers, you can have the best of both worlds. Another challenge many moms-to-be face is in keeping up with an ever-changing body. Jeans that work one day may not be as easy to wear the next week. That is why internet clothing swaps are coming out with clearance and 2nd hand maternity jeans.

You can buy them at a discount, use them while you can, then sell them back and use that money towards buying others. This way, you can stay up to date on the latest trends, and not have to worry about a closet full of clothes that you may or not be able to wear. Or, you can sell them back after the baby is born and you do not need them anymore.

Zippers and buttons are easily the most frustrating part of wearing jeans during pregnancy. There are a couple of easy hacks you can use to get around that step. One is to wrap a large rubber band through the pants button two or three times, leaving a long tail, then wrapping the tail through the button hole and back around the button again. If you are unable to close the zipper, you can substitute a hair elastic for the rubber band, as it will be stronger and less likely to snap.

Maternity Dresses

For a long time, billowing dresses, with maternity corsets underneath, were designed to conceal pregnant bodies. There was a general feeling, even on television, that pregnancy was just not talked about. When Lucille Ball was pregnant on air during the I Love Lucy Show, the revelation made headlines. So it’s amazing how far maternity dresses have come in the last fifty years, where now celebrities are being photographed with stunning gowns that proudly reveal their pregnant bodies, and women are buying beautiful dresses that showcase, rather than hide, their pregnancy.

Dresses are one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to spend a summertime pregnancy. They are loose enough that you can stay cool and comfortable, and stylish enough today that you can keep up with your fashion sense. You can find many different styles and designs from everyday dresses that go wherever you do, to fancier, celebrity-style gowns that would really make a statement at your baby shower.

Maxi dresses are another easy fashion hack, and they are stylish before, during, and after your pregnancy. They come in many styles, colors, and prints, and are usually loose and flowy enough that they can cover up the baby belly. If you want to go a little more upscale with them, matching accessories can really bring out specific colors or patterns that you want to emphasize.

Maternity Hair Care

Perhaps the most important fashion and pregnancy hack is to always remember to put yourself on the to-do list. It can be easy to always think about the baby, and your family, and everything else that you have to do for others. What can be difficult is remembering to take a few moments to do things for yourself. Hair care is one easy, DIY step that you can take to feel great and maybe even draw a moment of attention to your face, and not your belly.

Hair vitamins are a natural way to beautify and strengthen your hair without resorting to chemicals. While the American Pregnancy Association says that most treatments are safe, that is mostly because they are minimally absorbed by the skin, and so will not necessarily enter the bloodstream in large enough doses to harm the fetus. However, some physicians recommend waiting until after the first trimester or perhaps the entire pregnancy before using chemical treatments if women feel concerned about the issue.

The best results during pregnant will be from using all natural products made from vegetables and that exclude harsh chemical treatments. Those have no negative consequences either for your body or your baby’s, but will still leave you looking fabulous.

Final Reflections

Fashion and maternity are no longer mutually exclusive. You can spend your nine months rocking out the maternity jeans, the beautiful dresses, and the luscious hair-dos that you have always loved. With a few tricks to get around buttons, dresses, and chemicals, there is no reason why you cannot stay up to date on fashion while rocking your pregnant body.