ISPs in India to Stream Torrents


Torrent streaming is the most data consuming process and is very widely used across the globe. Using torrenting, viewers download HD movies, latest games, multitude of seasons and whatever fancies them. Speed is one of the primary factors that lead to customer satisfaction while using this technology. In India, the ISPs are geared to minimize cost of data transfers and enhance speeds by using various techniques to stream torrents.

What is a torrent?

A “torrent”, like the name suggests, is a strong and rapid stream of data. A torrent file uses peer-to-peer sharing for downloading content requested by the users. It does so in small chunks of data. When these small files are downloaded, they are reassembled using a torrent client. Examples of such clients are uTorrent, Vuze, BitTorrent, etc. After the torrent file is read by the torrent client, the torrent client connects to other users who have portions of the file and downloads those pieces from them. Some users, instead of downloading, prefer to stream torrents where the files are not downloaded in the personal disk; instead, they are directly accessed from the source.

Scenario in India

In India, the most popular torrent streaming service is provided by Netflix. Spotify and Pandora are not available as yet. The ISPs are challenged to provide enhanced torrenting speeds. TorrentFreak reports that India is coping up with that well. The Indian ISPs like Alliance Broadband, Sifi Broadband, Excitel, etc. connect its users with local peers and hence they get higher speeds. Not only does this prove to be lesser in cost for the ISPs, but they use it as a viable marketing strategy. Some of the ISPs have also collaborated with Torbox, which is a torrent search engine that provides information on the peers. It lists the peers based on its closeness to the users so that peer to peer sharing can take place between them.

Torrent streaming service

While the Indian ISPs are working on enhancing customer experiences, one of the best choices for torrent streaming is It is the one stop cloud based solution on a single portal. You can use any of your devices’ interchangeably for torrent streaming or downloading. Here, users obtain speeds up to 10Gbps which is beyond what any torrent streaming provider promises. 24 file types are supported to stream from. Since it is on the cloud, users can also use the storage space to download and save files and also upload personal files for either safe storage or sharing. The users’ identity is hidden at all times and the files are safeguarded against viruses.

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