Interesting facts about a pregnancy due date calculator


Trying to figure out when the baby is due. If you are facing trouble and counting with your hands and fingers then hold on!  Pregnancy day’s calculator would work out to be a vital clog in the wheel. With the help of the device you can go on to find the due date of the baby. In this regard you would need the last date of your menstrual cycle and it is assumed that for most women the cycle is 28 days. If the number is less than that it should be adjusted accordingly.

Just be aware of the fact that a due date is a mere estimate and only 4 % of babies are born on the estimated due date. With the help of this tool you do get a rough idea on when is the expected due date of the baby all of us are aware of the fact that the baby is going to arrive when they are full and ready. In fact with pregnancy week by week pictures more information could be obtained as well. The due date is arrived from the last date of the period and to it you go on to add 40 weeks of 280 days. You need to be aware of the fact that the baby could arrive a few days before or after the due date. So keep this in mind and get prepared.

Importance of dating scan

The dating scan also goes by the name of 12 week scan and your doctor is in a better position to provide more information about the due date. Between 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy you are likely to have a dating scan. During this scan, the sonographer will figure out the length of the baby from top to bottom. By doing so they can provide you with an estimated date on when the baby is due for arrival as well. It could also be understood whether you are having multiples and whether the baby is at the right position during the time of birth.

How to understand that you are pregnant

Any pregnancy typically tends to last from 37 to 42 weeks. It is divided into 3 phases and the first one is between conceptions to 13 weeks. This is followed by the second trimester that lasts between 14 to 27 weeks and the last trimester is from 28th week till the time of conception.

If the baby is delivered on the due date it would mean that the baby has arrived on the 38th week and not on the 40th week. It has to be kept in mind that each and every woman is different along with pregnancy. It is suggested that you do discuss with your health care provider with regards to the due date.

It has been observed that most pregnancies tend to terminate either a week apart from the due date. If it is a normal pregnancy it tends to last between 28 to 42 weeks.