Impressive Architectural Highlights in European Cities


Brilliant architectural masterpieces are presented in many forms, especially in European cities. This provides any architecture lover with a multiple choice of places to visit and see the absolute wealth of riches found in the cities. Here are remarkable places of interest in European cities suitable for any architectural lover. Turkey is one with rich architectural highlights and cultural diversity along with Rome make sure you Apply for Turkey visa before only to enjoy a hassle free trip with your family.

Castles in West Germany

Upon flying into Frankfurt, one can travel by car to the St. Goar region where the three magnificent castles were built.  The Castle-hotel situated in Neckarzimmern is a must stop for one to have a decent meal.  One can also explore by car the fairy-tale castles along the Romantic road constructed after the World War. the castles offer a great and unique architectural masterpiece showcasing the ancient expertise.

Historic centres and buildings in Amsterdam

The city is a home of historic sights as well as buildings with great architectural masterpiece.  It features renowned buildings like Royal Palace, Rijksmuseum as well as Oude Kerk.  The city has 90 islands connected by 400 bridges.  Most buildings were built in the 19th century hence, retaining ancient impressive architectural designs. well it is easy to rich turkey but before travel make sure you have all documents of visa and I suggest Turkey visa service.

Ruins of Turkey

After obtaining a Turkey Visa, one can fly into Istanbul to view the spectacular ruins.  The ruins consist of ancient buildings used by the Romans for various purposes.  One can also explore various ancient sites preserved with caution located along the beaches.

Ancient Greek buildings in Athens

The city features a number of surviving buildings that display Greek architecture dating back to the Classical Roman period. Major examples of Greek architecture that exist till date in Athens consist mostly of Temples as well as other buildings.

The Panathinaiko Stadium, Acropolis, Ancient Agora and Temple of Olympian are examples of Greek artistic pieces.

Magnificent architectural masterpieces in London
  • The city has numerous museums and quite a number of vital ancient buildings.
  • The capital also features splendid palaces such as the famous Westminster Palace.
  • Tower of London, Saint Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey are buildings that display diverse attractive and inspiring architectural styles.

A blend of ancient and modern architecture designs in Barcelona

  • Most historic buildings are located at the core of the old city while modern structures in the outer part as the city.
  • Modern buildings are as a result of an expansion of the city.
  • Ancient buildings date from the Roman to medieval times.
  • Barcelona Pavilion, CASA Battlo, La Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar are some of the impressive architectural style.
Ancient monuments in Rome

Rome is rich in architectural wonders. Some of them include religious architecture such as Santa Maria Maggiore and Santa Maria in Trastevere. The former residence of Emperor Nero called the Domus Aurei is also found in Rome.

European cities feature the most worthy of admiration architecture. One is easily aspired by the various ancient and modern styles that were applied to the structures. The different artistic masterpiece employed in the various buildings is magnificent. The above highlights situated in these cities are a must visit to every architecture lover who is ready to have a tour of memorable and aspiring moments turkey is one of the best choice you shouldn’t miss the rich architectural highlights and various cultures so, Apply for Turkey visa soon make an hassle free travel. Europe trip provides the easiest and efficient trip destinations.