Immediate iPhone screen repair Tampa FL Services – What to Consider


If you are an iPhone user, one thing you should be knowing by now is that your most precious smart phone device is so sensitive and easily breakable on falling down or hitting against some hard surface. The screen portion is so fragile and can easily break with even the slightest impact against anything.

Majority of the iPhone repairing cases reported are breakage of its glass screen. The most ideal fix for this problem is to submit the phone immediately to a reliable iPhone service store at your locality. There are plenty of iPhone screen repair Tampa FL service centers offering screen repairing, but not all of them are authentic.

Authentic iPhone screen repair

In most of the cases, iPhone glass screens get damaged due to people accidentally dropping their phones on hard surfaces. On such dropping, web-like cracks can be formed on the screen surfaces or sometimes it may get smashed fully. Even if it is a small crack, if you ignore the small broken glass pieces, it may get inside the device and cause damage to the circuits and make the phone completely useless.

So, to avoid permanent damage to the phone on a long run, it is essential to do screen repair immediately if there is a crack. There are other cases also in which your iPhone may drop on the road while walking or traveling in a vehicle, which may run over by another vehicle to smash your screen. Sometimes, such broken phones also may function but you may not be able to use many features properly with such awkward functioning.

In this case also, it is essential to get the repair done instantly at any authorized iPhone screen repair Tampa FL service centers to get back your phone fully functional. Similar to the above scenario, avoiding the damage can further cause permanent damage to your valuable device. As a precaution, you can cover your iPhone screen with tampered crystal film, but in case of a vehicle run over, this also will not help protect the glass from smashing.

Screen replacement for iPhone

There are different fixes for each model of iPhones. While fixing iPhone screens always ensure that you get the original products for the same model.

  • iPhone 6 plus

In iPhone 6 plus, display and touch screen is a combined unit, which cannot be separated. So, even if it is the screen gets broken, one need to change the entire unit.

  • iPhone 6

Similar to the above model, iPhone 6 display also comes as a combined unit with its touch screen. The display assembly unit needed to be changed as a whole for LCD display or screen damages.

  • iPhone 5S / iPhone 5 / iPhone 5C Plus

For iPhone 5 / 5S and 5C Plus, it is a 4-inch retina display unit, which has 1 year warranty. If damaged, you can easily get the spare at authorized iPhone stores.

  • iPhone 4S

In iPhone 4s, it is a 3.5 inch screen which has 960 x 640 pixel resolution at 326 ppi. This is a complicated replacement procedure only to be done by highly experienced technician as the whole unit has to be dismantled to assemble the display.

  • iPhone 4

iPhone 4 has old-model LED backlit capacitive touchscreen display which has 326 pixels per inch density. This also demands a very complicated replacement.

Before taking your phone to an iPhone screen repair Tampa FL service point, always check whether the warranty is valid so that you can get a replacement for free or get any other discounts on iPhone repair. However, you can get these benefits only at authentic iPhone stores.