I Want to Sell Some Jewelry – What Should I do


If it’s way past the time for you to clean out any unwanted jewelry and especially if you have a few unsightly items that were passed on to you, but were never worn, selling it or them is a superb solution. You’ll not only make a few bucks, but you’ll have some extra room for those pretty ones that you do actually wear.

So, Where Exactly Should I Go?

  • Many people ask themselves the question where can I sell my jewelry? But don’t really know the best way of going around it. However, there are more options these days than ever before.
  • With the advent of the Internet, it now means that there are more options when it comes to selling jewelry.
  • As an alternative to selling your jewelry online is by taking it to a storefront. Watch out for any “We Buy Gold” signs: This kind of store may also buy your silver.
  • If you already have a favored local jeweler, check them out as they may also buy any unwanted jewelry.
  • Going to a storefront, has its advantages: it’s a lot easier to consult with real people and you just might make a better sale.

What Should I Concentrate on When I Wish to Sell?

  • Any kind of silver-plated pieces are rarely of any interest to the majority buyers.
  • You will need to know the general value of any jewelry that you’re looking to sell, so do the homework.
  • Check out the market price prior to selling and then it will be very useful when you’re negotiating over the sale price.

Alternative Methods of Selling Jewelry

  • If instead of having your jewelry melted down into new items, it might be a good idea to consider selling it somewhere else.
  • Believe it or not, flea markets may be a good place to give it try. Naturally, you’ll have to pay a small fee to rent out a table, but otherwise, the costs are somewhat low.
  • Do yourself a favour and properly clean each item, prior to any attempt to sell it. Think about it – Tarnished jewelry is much less attractive.
  • You might also wish to try selling your jewelry online via various auction sites. Sites, such as eBay, are more general, but there are some others which focus on vintage jewelry in good condition.
  • Once again, ensure that every item is perfectly clean when you’re taking photos. Try to display every piece as well as you possibly can by using a quality camera and use natural lighting with a black or white background.
  • Make sure to make use of a padded envelope when using the mail and get it insured. That will be a small price to pay in making sure that it arrives in perfect condition.

And that’s it folks! Try following the above advice, and you’ll make some extra cash and at the same time free up space for some lovely new additions!