Hyperuricemia: Things You Need to Know of Its Causes and Cure Revealed


Uric acid is part of the body. It is a chemical that is produced whenever the body acquires organic compound that is called purines. Few of the foods that contain high purine are wine, beer, liver, anchovies, and dried beans. Thus, always be watchful on your meals and make sure it is a well-balanced one.

Actually, there is nothing wrong with taking foods that are rich in uric acids. But, when it comes to health, too much of anything can lead to complications. Most of the uric acids that come from food can be dissolved in your blood. Afterwards, it passes through the kidneys for filtering and sent to urine. Still, there are instances when the organs can’t handle too much of uric acid. By then, it results in hyperuricemia.

Factors in Acquiring Hyperuricemia

In most cases, a person can’t automatically detect the development of hyperuricemia. But, there are certain factors you can always focus the chances of such buildup. To make yourself aware of the chances, you better check out the factors below for guidance and awareness purposes.

  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer-related Diseases
  • Eating Purine-Rich Foods
  • Excessive Medications
  • Metabolic Conditions

The factors above can lead to the uric acid problems. But, if you don’t want to take action late, it is ideal that you ponder on having a regular checkup instead. Do not wait for the enumeration above take place one by one. Schedule a regular check-up with your doctor to become aware of the proper medications as well.

Controlling Uric Acid Levels

Choosing the right food for each meal is not that hard if you are dedicated to having a healthy life. But, there are instances when you can’t control your food consumption in a day. By then, you will have to follow a doctor’s prescription to slowly remove the excess uric acids in the system. If you’re up to a healthy living routine, you better take the foods below to slowly control the uric acid levels in your body. Take the advice here for prevention and aid purposes. Check the items below and have it all included in your next grocery shopping trip.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cherries
  • Water
  • Olive Oil
  • Low-Purine Diet
  • Dairy Products

Choosing the healthy option is a great idea. If you do not wish to add another pill to your daily regimen, get the organic options. But, if you are too busy in buying the foods above, you can also get a supplement instead. NutraUric is one example you can start by referring to. This uric acid supplement may be helpful in maintaining a healthy uric acid level. Still, there are other options you can choose from aside from the mentioned example. If you plan to get one, you can always seek confirmation from your trusted doctor. Find out what suits your lifestyle and your current needs.

A person who is busy every single day has a tendency to ignore and neglect the importance of a healthy diet. Even spending few hours at the gym is ignored due to hectic schedule at work. But, no matter how your days are made of, you must not forget how important staying hydrated would be on your health. Flush the toxins away including the excess uric acid to feel better and lighter each day.