Human Growth Harmone – Side effects and more


As the name reads, it is a hormone responsible for growth. HGH is naturally secreted by Somatotrophic cells in the Pituitary glands which help in stimulating cell reproduction/regeneration of cells in many organs of human body & in some animals. It is a stress hormone that helps in modulating changes that occur due to stress. Hence, it is prescribed as a drug to treat growth disorders in both children & adults.

Importance of increasing HGH:

Reduced HGH levels results in many risks & effects many organs of the body. Adults will be prone to increased risk of bone fracture, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue, increased weight that leads to many other problems. Depression, stress & anxiety can be caused due to reduced chemical balance in the brain. In children, it results in significant shorter than required height/weight, changes in facial features, delayed development in teeth etc. Sleep deprived also causes less HGH. Hence, it is important to keep up the levels of HGH.

Right amount of HGH helps in looking 10 years younger.

Overall, HGH is important for a smooth functioning of your body organs. My understanding is that many problems that arise in elderly people could be related to dereased HGH, as, with time and your life style, your Pituitary glands secrete less HGH.

Decrease in the level of HGH is mainly seen in middle age people & thus, arises a requirement to supplement.

The positive effects of HGH supplements results in deeper & baby like sleep, smooth, younger & elastic skin, increased metabolism thus resulting in maintaining body weight by maintaining good cholesterol levels, good immune system, high energy levels-helping in better exercising, faster growth in nails & hair faster recovery in fractures, wounds, burns etc. Take a look into safety information before you get started.

Side Effects of HGH Supplements:

While high levels of HGH helps in improving overall body performance, taking supplements & high levels of HGH has some negative effects also. With high levels of HGH, you may feel like taking baby naps, morning aches-just like how you feel after a heavy workout & usually goes away after a few minutes, sudden hunger attacks due to rapid drop of blood sugar are some common side effects. The most dangerous is, increase in generation of cancer cells, if you are already suffering from it.

Some of the supplements are not to be used during pregnancy & breast feeding.

It is also helpful in maintaining weight loss in HIV patients. Right amount of HGH is to be given to a patient. Decreased, increased quantity or a continuous intake causes other side effects like breast enlargement in men was seen. Extremely high doses of HGH supplements or prolonged supplements causes enlargement of fingers, bones & organs. In the previous years, HGH has also been used in cosmetics however; it is not recommended & approved by the government.

HGH supplements & restores ones muscle mass, thus avoiding extra body weight in unnecessary places like thighs, waist etc. Right amount of HGH reflects on your skin by making it look more supple & elastic.