How to Treat Candida


Candida is a natural type of yeast that occurs in the body. It is normal for some people to have a certain level of this bacterium in their system. It can cause problems such as autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome if it is found in other areas in the body. A number of people have turned to alternative and integrative health practitioners after they have found out that traditional medicine does not offer effective relief from their problems. Before a doctor can determine the best candida treatment, he must found out the nature of the infection.

Finding out the nature of the infection is the key in figuring out how to treat Candida.  The type of cleanse depends on the subspecies of yeast and whether the bacteria is primarily aerobic or anaerobic. If the infection results from an anaerobic strain of the bacteria, the treatment should involve finding ways to increase the flow of oxygen to infected areas. Research shows that aloe-vera based solutions offer one of the best ways to do increase the oxygen flow, which offers an inhospitable environment for the bacteria. Remember that candida is a naturally occurring organism in the body. It is not a good idea to get rid of it entirely.

Someone who wants to go on a candida cleanse in order to treat chronic conditions needs to know these things. She has probably already asked a functional or integrative physician about this course of treatment. Alternative practitioners like to recommend their own products. At the moment, there is little oversight unless a person lives in Washington. If someone wants to get a candida detox cleanse whose results have been independently verified, they should consider ordering the product from the Candida Clinic. The only thing a person has to lose is chronic pain and fatigue.