How to Pick an Animal Feed Mill


Maybe your old feed mill is looking worse for wear, or perhaps you’re only just starting out in the livestock farming market. Either way, you need to know how to pick the right animal feed mill or you’ll just end up buying the wrong one. To make it easier for you, we’ve narrowed down everything you need to consider into 3 easy points.

Small farm or large corporation?

Having a small farm doesn’t necessarily mean you should have a small budget when it comes to buying a new animal feed mill. And that goes the same for large corporations: you don’t necessarily have to spend the most.

Don’t just buy what other farms of a similar size buy. You need to buy what’s right for your farm. So consider things like the size and shape of your land, the power and supplies you have etc. There’s no point buying an animal feed mill that won’t fit in your designated space.

You also need to think about the man power you have – are you looking for a feed mill that’s so reliable that you never need to pay for someone to fix it, or are you more interested in having a feed mill that delivers food quicker than ever?

Livestock type

Sounds obvious, I know, but don’t forget that you’re buying a feed mill for your animals and not for yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s got the latest tech on it and comes with a discount on your next purchase if it’s useless for feeding your livestock!

If you just have one type of livestock, cattle for example, then it might work out more cost effective to buy a feed mill that’s suited to just cattle. If you have multiple livestock, then consider buying a feed mill that allows you to adjust grinding and proportions of food mixes so it can be reused for different animals.

And, of course, the number of animals you have will dictate the size of the feed mill you need.

Quality versus price

Finally it all comes down to quality vs price, and which you prioritise. I’ve done a lot of research on this topic, talking with some of the leading manufacturers in the agriculture industry. Most places seem to either value one or the other.

If you’re looking for quality equipment, you should be prepared to save up a big budget. The advantages of quality farm equipment is that it’s less likely to break down and you can count on it to do it’s job properly. The advantage of cheap or average feed mill equipment is that it will be cheaper to fix and allows you to spread your budget further across your farm.

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