How to Get Custom Gear for Your Brisbane Sports Team on a Shoe-String Budget

MLS Inaugural game 1996.

Own a sports team? You must get a suitable kit for your Brisbane-based team. Sports teams need custom gear with their own logo as well as that of any sponsors imprinted on it. Even if you’ve no sponsors and running low on budget, you can still get a quality kit for your players within a limited budget.

Here are some practical and effective tips through which you can get custom gear for your team without breaking the bank.

Get Free Art

Every major sports team hires the services of a professional graphic designer to create a logo for them. However, this is not the case with small teams that don’t have sufficient financial resources. Instead of going for a professional graphic designer, you should look for alternative cheaper methods.

If any soccer player in your team is doing their majors in art or graphic designing, you can ask them to design a logo for the team. Since they’re a part of the team, they’re more likely to offer their services for free or at low rates.

If you’ve know-how of any graphic editing software, you can also try to design a logo for the soccer team on your own. It’ll save you costs.

Start Your Order Early

You can get in touch with to get a custom kit at competitive rates. However, place your order early so that you don’t need to pay any additional charges to speed up the delivery of the products.

Make sure you place an order for the sports kits a few weeks before you’ll need them. This way, you’ll receive the custom gear in a timely manner without exceeding your budget.

Get Cheaper Fabric

You don’t need to invest in an expensive kit for a Brisbane based sports team. Just make sure that the fabric is of good quality and keeps the players comfortable during extreme weather.

You can opt for cheaper fabric as long as it doesn’t irritate your players. It’s because if the kit is too uncomfortable, the players won’t be able to give their best at a game of soccer. So, order a good quality kit that isn’t too expensive for you.

Try to Find Sponsors

If you can’t afford the sports kit for the players of your soccer team on your own, try to find a sponsor for this purpose. If your team has performed well previously, it won’t be much difficult for you to get a sponsorship.

A sponsor can provide sufficient funds to get proper kits for your sports team and in return, your team’s kit should display the brand name of the sponsor.

Opt for a 2-in-1 Kit

Soccer teams must have two sets of kits in distinct colours. Purchase 2-in-1 reversible jerseys to avoid spending on two different kits. Just make sure that the logo of the team and any sponsors is printed on both sides of the jerseys.

To be precise, you can still get a kit for your Brisbane based sports team even if you’ve a very small budget. Follow the aforementioned tips to reduce the expenses.