How To Enjoy Your Freshly Delivered Noodles


Food that is delivered to your doorstep or your workplace is one of the best feelings in the world. You have your favorite dim sum, noodles and other Hong Kong food for your own consumption without you having to do something tiring other than placing an order and waiting for your food to come to you.

Asian countries are well known for one of its dishes, which are the noodles. Noodles are considered to be the staple food in most Asian countries. Some people think that noodles are best enjoyed when you personally go the restaurant where it is served because it is still hot and fresh. Unlike having it delivered where it can decrease the palatability of the food. Noodles have different preparations and numerous varieties of dishes. It is best for you to pick your favorite, including what’s in it such as toppings and spices.

The idea of eating in a restaurant with fresh food such as noodles is similar to enjoying noodles that is delivered to your home or work place. You can still expect your food to be warm and fresh to get to you despite the travel it has to go through. Restaurants makes sure of this. Now that the restaurant did their part in preparing and bringing you your noodle, all you have to do is to enjoy it.

Below are a few tips on how you can further enjoy your freshly delivered noodles.

Eat Your Noodles The Way You Want To

Some say that there is a proper way to eat some noodles, such as ramen. It will not hurt you to follow and try this advice, however, it is your food and you have the right to eat it the way you want to. Enjoying food is a personal experience and you can follow your own process of eating food to truly enjoy it.

It’s up to you if you prefer to use chopsticks or spoon and fork when eating noodles. You can also drink the soup directly from the bowl, and slurp as loudly as you want especially if you are in the confines of your own home.

Transfer It To A Better Container

When your noodles get to you, it will surely still be hot and is placed in a disposable container. These containers can be bit of a hassle, disturbance or distraction at times. Your noodle soup can spill. It is hot and you can get burned and it is uncomfortable to hold the disposable container. To truly enjoy eating your hot noodles without hurting yourself, it is better to transfer it to a bowl where it will be more comfortable for you to eat from.

Add Spices If You Want

Sometimes, no matter how good a restaurant may be in making noodles, personal preferences still apply. You may have a strong taste bud for a certain taste or weaker in some. Regardless of this, to truly enjoy your noodles, feel free to modify it to your own liking. You can add different spices such as chili if you prefer it hot, or cheese, salt, and others to ensure that it will taste more deliciously to you.

Concentrate On Eating

Eating is a personal experience, which is why you really have to concentrate when eating. Noodles in particular have different flavors in just one bowl. To truly enjoy your noodles, make sure that you are not distracted so can taste and savor each and every flavor in that bowl. Forget the distractions and other things that are in your mind and just think about your food and your palate. Concentrating on your food makes you appreciate every single taste in your noodles.

Enjoy It While It Is Hot

Nothing beats food that is still hot, especially for noodles and dim sum. No one wants cold and soggy noodles, which is why it is best to immediately eat your noodles because the restaurant makes sure that it reaches you fresh and still hot. Flavors in foods such as noodles are best appreciated when it is still hot.