How to Effectively Manage your PPC Campaigns


Pay per Click (PPC) management refers to a group of marketers hired by a company to take control of its PPC marketing strategies and manage the budget needed. Some companies hire an external agency to manage their PPC marketing strategies, while others have their own in-house marketing department that oversees the company’s marketing strategies.

PPC advertising can yield good results only if it is used strategically by a knowledgeable marketer. The trick is to make the company’s ads as effective as possible at a reduced budget.

Who needs a PPC Manager?

  • If your company is new to online marketing, then hiring a PPC manager will help you get the most out of online marketing.
  • Any company that does not have their own marketing department can hire an external agency to oversee its online marketing department.
  • Any small firm without the capabilities of overseeing its PPC marketing strategies can get an external PPC manager.

A PPC manager should have the expertise on PPC strategies to use as well as an established connection to the existing PPC platforms. This way they can enable your small company to compete against larger businesses.

What is involved in Pay per Click Management

  • Tracking down of the frequently used keywords by your potential online customers, and capitalising on them.
  • Choosing the right paid target marketing channel to use for your online ads. Google ads, Bing Ads and social media are a good example of such channels for your online campaigns.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of a PPC campaign and the keywords chosen.
  • Analyse your company’s competition to find out the keywords they are using and the ad creativity they are implementing to get their expected audience.
  • PPC management optimises your campaign structures to identify the most effective keywords that turn traffic to your company’s website.
  • Regularly A/B testing your company’s latest ads and landing pages to find out which one receives a greater audience and use it as an effective campaign to attract potential customers.

Whatever your marketing goal is; brand awareness, generate more leads or increase your company’s sales, you should consider PPC marketing. PPC management campaigns require knowledge and strategy to bring good results on your online campaigns. If you do not have an effective online marketing team in your company, then hiring a digital marketing agency is one of the effective ways of managing your company’s PPC. Find an agency that is able to effectively drive your online campaigns to the intended audience.