How to configure your Mac’s Trackpad?


To use your Mac efficiently it is of significant importance to configure its trackpad. The new Mac models have a glass trackpad which is fun to play with. The configuration of the trackpad will help meet your needs effectively as desired. The following steps will help you use and configure the trackpad effectively.

  • Firstly, configure the trackpad by going to the System Preferences. Click on the Dock icon or choose System Preference in the Apple menu.
  • Open the Trackpad preference pane.
  • The speed at which cursor moves on the screen depends on two things, tracking speed and how fast you move your finger on the trackpad. You can adjust the tracking speed by selecting the Point and Click tab.
  • According to default settings trackpad has a single click setting. But you can also change setting for the trackpad to accept as a single finger tap in place of a single click. Change to this setting is very convenient. You just need to check mark the option of Tab to enable this setting.
  • The trackpad also has a secondary click which is known as right-click. This secondary click is not turned on by the default settings. There are two options of using this secondary click. You can either select corner a specific part of your trackpad to act as your right click or chose a two finger tapping to do the same functions. To do the former put a check mark in the Secondary Click box and using the dropbox choose the part of the trackpad you wish to use as right click. While for the latter option in the drop box select click or tap with two fingers. You should choose whichever is most suitable for you by trying each of them.
  • The Macs trackpads also provide users with two types of gestures to use. These include Universal and Application-specific gestures. You can use the former gestures in all the applications while the latter are recognised by few applications only.
  • For enabling the Universal gestures choose the Scroll and Zoom tab in the trackpad preference window. Scrolling is a universal gesture which is easy to perform. You just need to drag your two fingers on the trackpad. You can conveniently scroll sideways, up and down. OS X offers users two different scroll directions known as not or natural. For some Mac users the natural scroll direction might be nothing new. But you can change your preferences in Scroll direction box.
  • The Application specific gestures are found in More Gestures Tab or Scroll and Zoom Tab. Some of the commonly used application specific gestures include Two Finger Pinch, Two Finger Rotate, Three Finger Swipe and Four Finger Swipe. The More Gesture tab includes some other gestures such as mission control, launchpad notification centre.You need to enable each of them individually.

The above-mentioned are some of the basic configuration settings for your trackpad. In order to choose the best settings for yourself try out different possibilities.