How to Compare Plans for Cable TV Connections at Home and How to Select the Best Deals


If you are looking for the best deals in cable TV for your home, then you must be aware of certain facts that hundreds of offers and packages are in offer that may vary in the rates, number of channels and the quality of services offered. The opinions on a package, i.e. whether a package is good or not may vary from one consumer to another.

Even when it comes to select between cable TV and satellite TV, you must make sure of every point with detailed research and clear-headed consideration.

What are bundle offers?

When you compare cable plans,an important parameter to consider is whether you want to go for bundled offer of TV, internet and phone, or just the cable TV. Getting your TV services in combination with phone and internet can yield a lot of savings on the monthly bill. The service providers that offer these bundles, normally partner up with satellite TV companies for the cable TV service, especially in places where there are no optical fibers available.

Satellite TV Vs. Cable TV: A comparison

The technology that runs the satellite TV and Cable TV systems are totally different. Thus, they vary in their characteristics and capacities. However, at the same time, there are also certain features and aspects where both the technologies have some similarities.

The primary differences between the satellite and cable TV are on the following points:

  • The technology they use
  • The equipment used in installation and operation of the system
  • The variety and types of plans available in both cases
  • The prices of the packages in both the systems

Difference in the working principles of satellite and cable TVs

  • While satellite television does not need any physical medium to transmit the TV shows, and they reach you as frequencies from the satellite, the cable TV network needs fiber optic and trunk cable media, and your shows are transmitted as signals in encrypted way.
  • With the requirement of a long stretch of cable, the cable TV needs more investment during installation. The operation cost is also high as every new connection would need that much cable to be installed to the consumer’s house.
  • It has been researched and found that more deals and plans are available under satellite TV than cable TV. The former can be customized much more than the latter to the needs of the consumers. However, whichever type you select, whatever package you choose, even the best internet cable deals, the final choice of individual channels is not much in your hand, and you cannot exercise much control on it. The prices also vary a great deal depending on the types of packages available in offer.
  • The cable TV also requires a whole lot of equipment to be installed at your home and a labyrinth of cables and wires scattered on all sides. You may avail of offers and discounts while buying the equipment. A satellite TV connection, however, needs only an internet connection.
  • The dependence on a wireless connection of a satellite TV sometimes leads to very bad reception in foul weather.

Whatever you select for home, compare all the aspects and then only make the final decision, as changing may lead to a lot of cost involvement.