How to Choose Replacement Car Parts


Are you going to replace parts of your car? Perhaps you’ve broken down and found the one car part that was to blame, or maybe you just need to replace the usual wear and tear parts that need replacing. Either way, there are several things you need to consider before you choose a replacement part.

Used car parts can be tricky to find, especially if you’re looking for a certain make. Use this article as a short guide on choosing replacement car parts!


What is your budget for replacement car parts? You need to know this before you even start looking. A low budget means you’ll probably find cheap components. If you find the right components at a low price, you can fix your car in a jiffy… But bear in mind that these cheap parts might be prone to breaking.

If you have to replace the same part over and over again because you’re buying a cheap item, this might cost more than buying the expensive (but less likely to break) alternative car part.


If you’ve got a unique or rare car that needs a part replacing, be prepared to hunt high and low to find a replacement. You might need to travel across countries to find your car part if the current owner isn’t willing to post it, or simply can’t because it weighs too much.

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Do you have the knowledge and skills to work out which car part needs replacing? If not, don’t just guess. You need advice and help to ensure that you know exactly which part needs replacing. Replacing the wrong part by mistake is pointless and a waste of money.

Talk with a mechanic; get help online from car forums or from a friend who’s knowledgeable in this area. You may find that other people who own the same car as you have had this problem before and know exactly which part needs replacing.

Once you’ve worked out which car part needs replacing and found that replacement piece to buy, you’ll need to take out the old piece and put in the new. It might be as simple as replacing windscreen wipers or changing the door handle… or it could be a complex engine part. Either way, dedicate some time to this and get it done properly. Not replacing parts correctly could do further damage to your car and cost you a lot more money.

So forget eBay, amazon and auto trader. Check out Autoparts24 and be wise with your decisions to find the best auto car parts for your motor!