How do you deal with unwanted touching of your belly button


When you are pregnant the body encounters a lot of changes. You gain weight. The feeling of nausea increases as these is changes on expected lines. But what would be the last thing at the back of your mind is people walking up to you and touching your belly. The feeling would be to yell back don’t touch my belly. The worse aspect is that the pregnant belly button begins to become a community property as it becomes visible.

Your family or relatives would think of rubbing your abdomen as you progress into pregnancy. Ideally you might not mind a close friend or your husband touching your belly depending upon your mood at that point of time. If someone asks you in a polite manner you will not even mind in allowing them to touch your pregnant belly. But utter strangers would walk up to you and touch the pregnant belly as if personal space and courtesy have all gone on to leaves the planet.

Now when they rub the belly do they expect a genie to come out and grant all their wishes?

No one dare in walking up to a pregnant woman and touching her breast. But somehow the concept of touching the belly button is widespread. The little ones do it, so to the adults as if they want to see the movement of the baby inside you.  People are going to suggest you that they want to come across the miracle inside you.

But the real problem starts when a woman complains about an unwanted touching as then it is referred that she is too hormonal or oversensitive. Do not get into the trap. After all it is your body as you have every right in the world to say don’t touch my belly. It has to say in a firm tone.

There are some women who did have some luck in touching back. Some have even gone on to put for humours T shirts for the same. If someone puts their hand on your pregnant belly you can very well touch them back and ask how it feels.

The simple rule is that if you do not want to be touched there is no one who is going to touch you.  There is no need to be rude or yell at anyone. But you can let people know that it bothers you. The same policy applies to you if anyone lays down their hand on you whether you at the grocery store or in the supermarket line.

If someone would ask you that they want to touch your pregnant belly you can allow them to do so. The onus lies on you on what you want to do at this point of time. The body is yours and so be it from a decision point of view. If it is a friend you could say no and then go on to provide an explanation. But in a majority of cases there is no need to give any inputs.