How Advertisement Helps In Brand Positioning


Marketing, Advertisement or Branding, the very well known business terms are having different definitions. However, they are well bonded with each other and when it comes to advertisement; it’s positioned it wonderfully in between marketing and branding. One of the major parts of marketing is advertisement and it is, on the other hand, advertisement that helps in product positioning or branding. Thus, advertisement has become an essential part of business, be you’re a small business person or a corporate enterprise. If you are equipped with expert manpower, latest mechanisms and produce high quality products, but at the end of the day, your sales figure is zero, then it remains implied that the cause of your failure in sells is due to poor advertisement.

Therefore, advertisement has become an indispensable for all kinds of commercial endeavor that helps in reaching the consumers. This is the only media, by which you communicate your potential consumers about your product lineups, their special features, why they should use your product and all. Whereas the main objective of advertising is attracting buyers to certain product or service, it serves in other ways also. With an advertisement you demonstrate how your product is distinct in features or serves a consumer better than its rival products. Thus, while you position the product and communicate about it in the market, you also compete with the manufacturers and traders from the same class.

In the competitive, globalized market era, as you are outfitted with numerous means of advertisements, they must be well utilized to become successful. And for this business people need experts who have vast knowledge in advertisement, product promotion and branding techniques. So, when you meet or hire consultancy services of the Detroit based advertising giant enterprise Commonwealth/McCann in which Mr. Jonathan Disegi was a major part and has served the company as its global director, strategy and research, you can be rest assured about your business success.

As of today, you have manifold mechanisms to promote you product in the market. It begins from newspaper and includes commercial ads on TV, billboards, leaflets to the latest ways of internet marketing. Prepared With next generation websites, web classifieds to social media marketing all that come under advertisement by which you get faster response from your potential customers. As you should not compromise with product quality, it applies equally when it comes to advertisement. Without proper advertisement it is absolutely not possible for you make the buyer informed about your product. It is at the same time your product quality should talk.

If you don’t stick on maintaining the quality of your products, even with best advertisements you cannot win consumer’s mind. Therefore, when planning to promote a new product or interested to access overseas market take support of expert advertisement companies such as Commonwealth/McCann, an acknowledged ad agency which got special recognition in the industry during the association of the great branding talent Mr. Jonathan Disegi. In his tenure with the group, he supported numbers of high profile global enterprises from food products to automobile and cell phone to sports product producers with great advertisement solutions.