Home Remedies for UTI


Many people in this world suffer from UTI infection which is high in pain and can cause big problems for the people who suffer from it. Kidney, bladder, lower urinary tract are the main functional body parts which get affected by UTI infection.

Men and women who face this problem can heal it easily by some of the ways that are natural and home based. These ways are really helpful in treating UTI and can ease the problem of the concerned person in a better way without seeking a doctor.

So, when you get to know that you are suffering from UTI here are some of the home remedies which can come handy to you for resolving this issue naturally.

  • Increasing the amount of water intake

The main reason behind this UTI infection is the bacteria that flow to your bladder via the urethra, and this causes infection in the lower urinary tract. In this case, the first thing you can do to reduce the risk of flowing bacteria is to drink plenty of water so that it can flush out the bacteria through urine and you can easily cure your UTI problem by this remedy.  You can decide how much water you can drink and usually depends on the size of your body. Just remember one thing while doing this remedy if you have any disease in your kidney first get into a talk with your physician so that you can get the right advice on how much fluid is necessary and safe for you.

  • Frequent bladder movement helps

Some people have a tendency to hold their urine until the bladder is full. Well, this is not the right way to help yourself while suffering from UTI, holding the urine can give the bacteria a chance to multiply more quickly, and this can cause more problems to you. So, if you are drinking enough water then try to go for urination when bladders half full just go frequently, and this will help you to flush bacteria. If you feel any pain while urinating, you can take some pain relievers to help you more, but frequent bladder movement is the much better home remedy to treat UTI naturally.

  • Drinking soda can be the way to cure

Soda yes you see it right but not a soda drink because it contains sugar as an element here it is baking soda which helps you reduce the burn and acidity in the urine while you urge to go to pee all the time. Baking soda is a no acidic element that is alkaline in nature which lesser your acidic amount in urine.


Baking soda- 1 teaspoon

Water- fresh 8 ounces

Just mix the baking soda with water and stir it till the baking soda dissolves in it. Now drink that full glass of water to benefit yourself. It will be more beneficial to you if you take it as first thing early in the morning.

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