Hero HF Deluxe Gets New i3s Variant


Hero MotorCorp is a well-known two-wheeler company that has been serving and providing the people of India with some excellent two-wheelers. It is not only a well-known company in India but also globally and is known for the outstanding performance of its two-wheelers. Splendor is one such great bike that was introduced by Hero MotorCorp, which was known for its performance and mileage; another two-wheeler that garnered a lot of attention from the buyers is the HF Deluxe, which has an excellent design and appeal.

The new variant of the Hf deluxe

It was launched in five different colours at an affordable price; the Hero hf deluxe offers a great mileage, as well as a smooth and comfortable ride. Recently, Hero MotorCorp has introduced and added its i3S technology to this popular selling bike, and the new variant of this is known as the Hero hf deluxe iS3, this bike is priced somewhere around Rs. 54,300. The i3S technology is ideally known as ‘Idle start stop system’, which is a technology that automatically shuts down and starts the engine when idle. The i3S technology is known for increasing the fuel efficiency of the bike; Hero hf deluxe i3S is the new variant of the hf deluxe that has the same technology, this bike comes in three dual colours, which looks quite appealing.

The qualities of the Hf deluxe i3S

  • The engine of the new hf deluxe- This motorcycle has a single-cylinder engine, which is quite powerful and is perfect for commuting. The engine is decently powered and is lightweight; this bike also has a multi-plate clutch.
  • The mileage- This is one factor that is of great importance and is something that is the main feature for buying a bike. It has an approximately 10 l fuel tank, which games a great mileage and makes riding quite comfortable. The main reason for such a great mileage is the i3S technology that is used in this bike, and is the main reason for increasing mileage. The seating of the bike is also quite comfortable, which is great for hassle-free travelling.
  • Performance- It is not a great bike when it comes to performance but it still gives a top-speed. There are drum brakes which help in driving around the city easily, so for a bike like this, brakes like these are great.

Hero Hf deluxe i3s is known to be the best- selling models that is sold by Hero MotorCorp; it has a great body style and features that target the right kind of audience. This bike is stylish and the appeal of this bike is what attracts a lot of takers. It has convenient features, and delivers the right mileage and smoothness while riding. The i3s technology added to the hf deluxe, enhances its performance and gives a great riding performance. So, if you are looking for a decently priced bike, which offers great mileage as well as decent performance, then Hf deluxe i3s is by Honda MotorCorp is the right bike to buy.