Healing Through Flowers


A flower is not only a simple, innocent, and beautiful thing to be kept in vases or sent as gifts to people. They have massive healing power inside them. So apart from being just a pretty face, they form a place in the hands of medicine makers. Apart from that various spa centers also use flowers of varied colors and fragrances so that they can relax our body, mind, and soul. Here is a list of those flowers that are really beneficial to our lives. So, take good care of them.


Seeing this lavender in the hands of florists in Pune, you must not have thought that this can get you away from various diseases – right? Well, the tender looking flower has a rich store of an essential oil named lavender oil and that is a prime ingredient in aromatherapy. Aromatherapy suggests you to use lavender oil in your bathing water to get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. Apart from the aromatherapy effect, this oil can be very effective in anti-inflammatory and antiseptic applications. It is heard that during World War II, this lavender oil was used to disinfect the hospitals. Keeping lavender oil in home and using it properly would yield good results no doubt. Burns, acne, or wounds would be treated well with it.


Do you remember what Peter Rabbit’s mom did to treat him when he indulged in McGregor’s garden? She gave him a nice scolding followed by a Chamomile tea. Well, you should know that German Chamomile species of this chamomile family is the one which should be referred for this tea. It is a vibrant looking flower with a yellow dial and white petals and this yellow head contains glycoside flavonoids that is a rich source of antioxidants. The essential oil extracted from this flower is good to treat acne and the tea cures indigestion and other gastronomic diseases.


Do you know this flower named hawthorn belongs to the rose family? Well, kit doesn’t really look like a rose and the health properties you find here are similar to red wine and grapes. For more than two centuries this flower has been used to lower BP level, enhance heart function, and improve the blood circulation. It looks simple with white petals and just looking into it you cannot imagine it has so many powers.


Calendula looks the brightest of all the above mentioned flowers. It has bright yellow petals with a black to deep brown dial. From treating acne to wounds, this flower is the best name always. Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-carcinogenic properties are present in a calendula flower and thus it is effective in healing.

So, flowers are not merely a beauty agent but also has a lot beyond that beauty. View More…