Guide to Selecting a Pavilion for Your Backyard


Outbuilding structures like a pavilion are good for creating a comfortable and cozy spot for enjoying your outdoors more in every season. With the numerous options in the market, choosing the perfect pavilion that matches with your house’s design and style can be challenging. Here are guidelines on how to get it right.

The perfect style

A typical pavilion has a roof and four supporting posts. When selecting the right pavilion, you should consider styles such as installing a pavilion within spaced plants in an orderly garden, constructing a pavilion with clean edges, or installing a modern design structure with rustic rough edges. In other words, your desired style and personal preferences will determine the kind of pavilion that you’re looking for. Shop around extensively until you get a style that matches with your property’s unique design. Wooden pavilions are perfect for getting a natural backwoods look that is stylish and modern.

The function of the pavilion

Visualizing how you will be using your pavilion is another way of narrowing down your choices. Remember, the outdoor room or space is supposed to be functional and not just for decoration purposes only. Some of the functions of outdoor pavilions are creating space for hosting family barbecues, reading area, having breakfast during a nice weather, hosting intimate dinner nights, hosting neighborhood pool parties, and hosting outdoor kitchen or bar events. When you incorporate all these considerations into your planning and selection, you’ll satisfy the needs for several outdoor activities. You can share the ideas with your Pavilion builder and seek for his or her input before you commence the construction project.

The right size for your outdoor space

When selecting the perfect size of pavilion suitable for your backyard, you need to consider certain factors such the available space, existing landscaping and other outbuildings like outdoor sheds. Choose a pavilion option that will blend in well with the other outbuildings or elements so that it doesn’t look out of place or crowded. When you project or map out the size of the pavilion, you should leave ample space for easier accessibility and walking around the structure. The secret is buying the largest pavilion that your space can accommodate so as to create room for adding other necessities such as furniture and lighting, among other accessories with enough of room to grow.

Desirable features

You can enhance the design of your pavilion to suit your preferences by including other important features. For example, you can add a cupola to give the structure sophistication or a bit of country charm. There are several post designs and sidings that can change the overall look of your design and enhance the general style of your entire property.

The idea is making the pavilion unique and more refined by adding some design elements to the typical four posts of your pavilion. You can also transform the roofing style by investing in unique traditional shingles or colored metal roofing solutions. Add an electrical package for installing various lighting options, playing music, or charging your mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones.