Google Pixel 2: New Leak reveals details


A serious competitor for Apple and Samsung: This is going to be Google with its pixel smartphone series. And in fact, last autumn’s first hardware generation received much praise from the critics. Over the past few years, Google has tried to dampen its expectations by saying that this is only a first step in a long-term project, and first of all gaining experience and forging partnerships.


In reference to internal sources it is said that this year again two pixel models are to be available – which are however only outwardly clearly more strongly than the last generation from each other. So LG is under the code name “Taimen” responsible for the construction of the pixel XL successor, while HTC with “Walleye” the smaller Google Pixel 2, will produce. The selection of the hardware determines however Google, according to the corresponding key data are also identical this year. In addition to a 2.45 GHz clocked Snapdragon 835 are to be 4 GB of RAM and a single main camera with dual-LED flash count – on a system with two cameras, as many other manufacturers use, Google continues to do so.


In addition, Google for Taimen but also on a very slim framework around the display, similar to the LG G6 is the case. This also means that the screen of the Pixel XL 2 instead of 5.5 should now be 5.99 inches in size – without the dimensions being relevant. This should also be accompanied by a change in the screen aspect ratio to 2: 1.


The design of the back should largely correspond to the previous year’s model, that is, be held back from metal, which is perforated by a glass window. However, the latter is said to be somewhat smaller this year, and so it is only above the fingerprint scanner. Regarding the local disk space is 128 GB, but it is possible that this is only one of the available configurations.

Pixel remains the same

“Walleye”, on the other hand, should largely represent an updating of the existing pixel, i.e. remain virtually unchanged externally. This would again mean a 4.97 inch screen with a relatively large frame around the display. For some discussions, however, could provide a different detail: Supposedly, Google wants to delete the classic headphone plug, and the gained space instead for stereo speakers use.


More exciting than all the technical details could be another question: Whether it is Google with the second generation of hardware to get production and sales under control. The first pixel has only been available in a few selected countries, and even in these, there have been frequent shortages of supply. The presentation of Google pixel 2 is expected for September or October.