Get Enough Insights about RCS Holsters Retention


No matter what you opt to carry, whether open or concealed, RCS Holsters retention is a significant concept to know about. There is a four level retention concept that must be known before making the most effective use of these holsters. The knowledge about these levels makes the most of retention concept.

Friction: The ability of retaining pistols or handguns is possessed by leather scabbards and it is achieved by friction. A leather holster that is rough on the inner side also creates good friction. The polymer holsters are able to naturally retain the handguns but with a bit of support from tension screws. The exact amount of friction can be achieved through either loosening or tightening these screws. Get the best friction retention holsters at

Mechanism One: Friction is the level one retention holster. With the addition of an active element of mechanism such as back strap or hood, it turns out to be the level two. It is however believed that an active system of RCS Holsters retention mechanism is required only for open carry. Holsters that are open carried indicate the ones with armed citizens or on-duty officers under enforcement of laws.

Mechanism Two: The level three retention mechanisms are achieved with the addition of a 2nd active substance. Also the level one friction test has to be passed. The second active substance can be a hood activated by push button. For concealed carry, this level is never used. Check out more about these holsters at

Mechanism Three: A level four holster retention mechanism indicates taking the above security measures at even a higher degree. Experts believe that it is safe to mention that these rigs are not suggested for armed citizens. It indicates that if you are looking for a level four holster mechanism, then you are really asking for some extraordinary stuff.

An essential fact is that the world has experienced huge advancement in holster technology. Since no standard has been set for testing holsters, there has been a lot of confusion in describing levels of security. However, you can get rid of these confusions by knowing the exact enforcement of laws in this area.

Educate yourself and grab the most useful retention holsters. You may want to check out different sites forgetting a better idea about the prices and features of guns on sale, before freezing your purchase.