Fun and Functional Training Programs


Celebrity Fitness Gyms is one of the largest fitness clubs in Malaysia. They have 23 centers all over the country. Their philosophy is to create training programs that are fun, functional and innovative. At the Celebrity Fitness Gyms, you train under the wings of professional gym trainers in Malaysia.

Packages Offered

The personal training packages they offer are Slim and Shape; Promotion; MMA and Self-Defence; Muscle gain; Wellness and Core; Strength and Toning; Fitness and Weight Loss and Pilates.

  • Slim and Shape: With this program, you truly train under the wings of professional gym trainer in Malaysia and get dramatic results in three months. Each workout consists of 4 exercises done in a circuit line, four times through. You start with easy challenges and then move on to higher levels. It comes with a ‘Be Lean for Life Diet Plan’.
  • Promotion: It is a one-month focused program after which you can take the functional training to the next level. Suitable for those who enjoy the free weight bodybuilding
  • MMA and Self Defence: Suitable for men and women of all levels. The Tatsujin Training System is taught through which you will learn through experience and muscle memory. The focus is on basic techniques and later you learn to prepare for real-world
  • Muscle Gain: You learn effective ways to build muscles and enhance body systems (cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal etc.) Weights are increased gradually which encourage the muscles to adapt. With a complimentary diet, a 2 kg. muscle growth can be expected in a month.
  • Wellness and Core: This program focuses on the stability and mobility of the body. It does this by focusing on how the body moves, giving it strength, mobility, and It gives relief from a stiff back, tight legs and muscles and inflexibility.
  • Strength and Toning: In each session, you do seven exercises. These cover the lower body, upper body, and total body integration and core. You will be using dumbbells, barbells, and state of the art tools such as TRX and BOSU and your own body weight. The program goes on for 25 weeks.
  • Fitness and Weight Loss: It is meant to help you stay fitter and healthier. You lose excessive fat without losing muscle tone. It is meant to help you feel stronger, more flexible and more energetic.
  • Pilates: Focus is on the muscles in the center of the body called ‘Powerhouse’which is the stomach, the upper and lower back, the hips and the inner thighs. All movements in Pilates begin from the powerhouse and move outwards to the limbs. It relieves back pain and muscle aches and de-stresses the body.

The Celebrity Fitness Gyms in Malaysia are truly challenging perceptions on fitness and are leaders in the field in Malaysia.