Free your mind, body and spirit


Some of the methods that are used in our rehabilitation center Morningside Recovery for the full recovery of our patients who have been suffering the painful process of detoxification, are the yoga and meditation classes. In these classes what is being sought is that patients can get to a point in the meditation where they are able to control your mind, body and spirit, and this can only be achieved through meditation. Teachers who teach this class, which is an excellent physical exercise, are highly professional and knowledgeable people of this age-old practice.

In our rehabilitation center we also focus on teaching our patients to adopt a new style and healthy lifestyle, where we include classes and courses of nutrition, physical exercise and other outdoor activities where they can find a connection with nature, and the good things that surround them, teach them to discover all these good things that have always had at their disposal, but that, because of their addictions had not been able to enjoy and that now if you can do without the need to poison their bodies.

I should also mention that we have facilities well-distributed, where our patients can enjoy all the amenities, the comfort and security they deserve. Our center Morningside Recovery is one of the largest and most popular of the whole city, because we have a 100% professional medical personnel, which are in charge of managing patients in the united enough critical due to the excessive consumption of drugs, alcohol and other voltilessuntancias.

It is for this and many other reasons more that we make the appeal to all those families who are suffering because of a family member with addictive problems to contact us to request our support, as we are more than willing to provide much-needed support. It is time that these people learn to live in a new world for them, in a world where they can control the mind, body and spirit so that they can say no to drugs, and yes to life.

For more information you can send us an email or can make to our phone lines available in this official web site of our rehabilitation center and in this way make an appointment with the medical director of the center and see how serious is the case of the patient.